Ms. Doggett's Class Newsletter

October 2015

Hello Parents,

I can't believe we are in the middle of the 1st Quarter! We've had a great September and are ready to take on October!

There is a lot going on this month! Please make sure to check out the "Upcoming Dates" below to see what's coming up.

Some of your children may have already let you know that we've decided to include a small snack in our schedule. You may send in a small, healthy snack with your child, which they will have the chance to eat before lunch. Please make sure it is healthy and not too messy (no liquids).

Thank you,

Ms. Doggett


This month, we wrapped up Genetics and have started on our new unit, Ecosystems.

Students have learned about terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and explored different biomes of each. As we continue in our unit, we will learn about different organisms and how they are classified into an ecosystem.

Students will be assigned a Biomes Poster Project this week, due October 12th. They will be researching the climate, plants, animals, location and interesting facts of the biome assigned to them. Students will have time in class to research their biome, but may need more time at home. Please see the Biomes Poster Project sheet for any questions regarding the project.

Students have continued to watch a daily weather forecast and track the weather using a weather chart. I encourage watching the weather with your child and asking them what they're observing in class.

Our next unit in science will be Matter and Energy.