Semester Highlights

December 10,2015

Sophomore and Freshman year

Although freshmen year was a great year, I think my sophomore year is off to a even better start! We have a lot more respect from the younger ones now that we are older. Last year I did cross country and track, my sophomore year I decided to slack off on worry more about my grades. We have less homework now then we did our freshman year. Overall I think our sophomore year is much better

Confirmation Sponsor

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Easton Corbin

Earlier this semester a group of my friends got together to go see Easton Corbin at the Austin County Fair. We all loaded up in the 2 cars we were taking and went off. As soon as we got there we sat around and watched the rodeo while we waited for Easton Corbin to start! About one hour before his performance came on people started to come to the stage so we all piled up close to the stage so we can get a good view. After he started and played for about 2 hours we met up with some friends and hung around where the rodeo people camped out! Around 1 in the morning everyone decided to go home and we all went our seperate ways!