Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 22, February 8 - 12, 2016

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Samsung Cords/Adapters

There was a basket of Samsung Galaxy Tab cords and adapters that were housed in the Technology room in a blue basket. There were not locked up, although the Tablets were. If you helped yourself to a cord, please return to my office! We are missing 9 cords.

Molded Guided Reading Library Books

We all know that books will get soiled and ruined. That's why we keep an inventory. However, if something happens, please let me know. DO NOT stuff the books into other areas of the guided reading library to hide that they were ruined. Things will happen. I've ruined many books in the rain. However, please be responsible by actually letting someone know so that we can take them out of the inventory and order new ones if needed. Unfortunately, they weren't checked out to anyone, so I cannot ask the person who returned them.


Please do not remove headphones from the computer labs.
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Week 22 ~

Monday, 2/8

Tuesday, 2/9

  • Janie out

Wednesday, 2/10

  • Yes, there is E-PD. Check out the master calendar for details.

Thursday, 2/11

  • Amy @ Eric Jensen training
  • Last Day for Jump Rope for Heart envelopes to be turned in
  • Faculty Meeting (Charlie & Nancy will run)

Friday, 2/12

  • Spring Book Fair Begins
  • Title I Meeting @ WRES in Data Room
  • Instructional Rounds Pre Data (Bloom's Questions in LP) due to Amy. Please send via email.

Next Week

Monday, 2/15 - Professional Development

News from your Principal:

  1. Eight Expectations & 17 Classroom Practices - Review and Enforce
  2. GE Methodology Institute
  3. Early Resignation Notification Incentitive Program
  4. KU 2016
  5. 100's Day Writing Samples
  6. 33 Questions w/Dr. Reid
  7. Teacher of the Year

Eight Expectations & 17 Classroom Practices

When dealing with discipline or inappropriate behavior, review the Eight Expectations to communicate a common message and positive behavior approach.

As a reminder, the WRES common approach is through the implementation of the Eight Expectations and 17 Classroom Practices.

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Summer Great Expectations Methodology Courses

If you have not attended the 4 day Methodology Courses, see me on Monday, so that we can get you registered.

Our GOAL: All WRES teachers will be GE certified.

  • June 6 - 9 - Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD


  • June 23 - 26 - Coppell ISD

Early Resignation/Retirement Incentive Program ($750/$250)

Effective Immediately:

The first 100 professional instructional staff members – including teachers, librarians, nurses, counselors, and diagnosticians, etc. – to submit a resignation/retirement letter effective the end of their contract year to their principal no later than March 21, 2016 will receive an incentive stipend of $750 dollars in their final paycheck.

Those contract instructional staff members who submit their end of year resignation letter no later than March 21st will also receive an additional stipend of $250 in their final paycheck for perfect attendance beginning April 1 through the end of the school year.

KU 2016

Keller University 2016 will be held July 18-21 at Central High School, and now through February 12, you can apply to present at a learning session for your peers.

Do you have helpful tips to pass along to your coworkers? Innovative classroom techniques you would like to share with fellow teachers? Apply today to be a Keller University Presenter!

Applications will be accepted through Friday, February 12. Email keller.university@kellerisd.netwith any questions.

Click here to apply to be a Keller University Presenter!

(Note: If you use Internet Explorer and encounter issues with the application form, please copy the URL into Google Chrome. Some using IE9 may not be able access the form.)

1 Example of 100 Day Writing

Please see message below about Writing that was in last week's newsletter....Please choose the best one (only one) from your class and put in my box on Monday. (no student name needed) Thanks!

Writing for 100th Day of School

Have students make their own books based on one of the following themes (or make up your own):

  • I wish I had 100 __.
  • What would you do with 100 brothers and sisters?
  • What would you do with 100 kisses?
  • What would you do with 100 pennies?
  • What would you do with 100 dollars?
  • What would you do with 100 slimy slugs?
  • You have been in school for 100 days. What has been your favorite thing?
  • What will you do when you are 100 years old?
  • What was it like to be a student your age 100 years ago?
  • What will it be like to be a student your age 100 years from now?
  • Things our moms and dads have told us 100 times!
  • Or, try making a poem or story with exactly 100 words in it.
33 Questions with Dr. Reid
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News from your Assistant Principal -


· As we wrap up MOY SITs, our February SITs are right around the corner. Please see SIT timeline and dates below.

· Last day for referral, Tuesday, February 16th. Janie will be working on this month’s schedule. Please make sure to leave the referral form in her box. Any students submitted after this date, will be placed on the SIT schedule for March.

· Parent conferences by Thursday, February 18th .

· Email intervention logs and/summaries (Specialists) to Charlie by Weds. February 24th .

· SIT meeting, Friday, February 26th.

Faculty Meeting

· Please make sure to bring your laptop to Thursday’s faculty meeting. New campus website coming soon; therefore, you will need your laptops to prepare your teacher profile for this Friday’s launch.

Discipline Concerns:

· Please make sure to closely monitor your students behaviors. We received seven discipline referrals within two days. These disciplines referrals don’t include the support that we provided for situations that occurred in the classrooms, hallways, recess and common areas. We had many students in the office last week and lots of instructional time was lost for these students, due to investigations. I encourage all of you to work with your students and review our expectations.

Library Lingo from your Librarian

Please refer to the email I sent out last Monday 2/1 with the book check-out/”wish list” days and times assigned to each class. If you need to switch anything, please come and see the master schedule on my desk.

Library classes are cancelled for the week of February 15-19 due to the book fair.

The official book fair dates are as follows

Feb. 12th-19th: Open Daily 7:30-3:15, but closing early on the last day at 11am

All WRES faculty have a one-time $5 credit to use at the book fair. Please tell your cashier that you would like to use your credit. Use it or lose it by Feb. 19th at 11am.

All WRES Faculty are invited to guess how many eggs are in my container for a chance to win a $25 credit to spend at the book fair. Most of you have voted, but if you have not and want a chance, please come to the library and guess before the end of the day on Monday, Feb. 8.

February 25th is the last day for students to turn in a Six Flags Read to Succeed paper. Please turn the papers that you collect into my box or directly to the library as you get them. Any that are collected on Feb. 25 must be turned in to my box or the library no later than 3:30.