World Industrialism Webquest

by Jay Wheeler

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The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was a time when production started growing massively by making manufacturing easier,faster,and better.It changed America in the future for the best as a whole.Which enhanced our technology which made us a successful as we are today.

Inventions Part 1

There were alot of great changes for the Industrial Revolution but what impacted them the most were the inventions.There were alot of inventions that stood out like the Steam Engine,Steam Boat,and the Spinning Jenny.

Inventions Part 2

There are more invention that impacted America and the Induustrial Revolution as a whole like the certain inventions slaves used like the cotton gin,tech style clothes,and cotton.These were all things that black people used to do slave work.
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Cotton Gin

Was the most important thing slaves needed during the Industrial Time because it enabled slaves to pick cotton better and faster 1 cotton gin can pick more seeds than 50 slaves can for 1 piece of cotton.Thats would made this invention so important.The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793.
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Inventions Part 3

The last important invention of the Industrial Revolution was the American System the most important invention due to its values,power,and influence it had on the Industrial and Manufacturing rules during that time.
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Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gi which enabled slaves to pick cotton faster.Slave owners said that Eli Whitney and the cotton gin made slaves actually worth buying for(being worth something).He changed the Industrial Revolution with this invention which basically lined up slavery to continue.
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John Fitch

John Fitch was the inventor of the Steam Boat which was powered by the Steam Engine.He saw the steam engine as inspiration to create the steam boat.A invention that changed the Industrial Era and the history of America creating another source of Transportation.The Only problem with his invention was the lack of power in the engine.
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The Change of Industry Part 1

The Change of Industry happen in the Industrial Revolution as agricultural and transportation changes.It improved by manufacturing and production.Everything improved.Transportation,technology,and etc.
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The Improvement of Industrialism

The Improvement of Industrialism happended when started to create these new inventions like the light bulb,steam engine,and spinning jenny all improved our industry and the future of our nation as it stands.
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My Argument

The Industrial Revolution made society better and worse by manufacturing and low wages stuff like that.What made it worse was all the immigrant,sanitation,and low wage problems.The best thing is the technology and inventions that the Industrial Revolution brought.This era changed history for all the pros and cons it brought as a whole.


Project Done by:Jay Wheeler

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Pros and Cons of the Industrial Revolution

Alot of changes happened in the Industrial Revolution like technology,transportation,and communication with the inventions like the steam boat,telephone,and the spinning jenny.There were alot of problems and good things.They technology was a good thing and they bad thing was the sickness and unsanitation that killed the Americans and the Immigrants.They low-wage that was paid to us children,adults,and immigrants.How people would think about should have I came to America.They people that were sufferning in Angel and Ellis Island.How we were revolutionalized was a very good thing ad it changed America for better or worse.Those are the Pros and Cons of the Industrial Revolution.

Ellis Island:The European Story

Immigrants on Ellis Island were Europeans that came over to America because of the push and pull factors bringing them to America like religious persecution,land,and oppurtunity.People Ellis didn't has a much troule as the Asians on the Angel Island because there was no discrimination.But both Islands had to get a checkup before proceeding to find land.If they were acting sick or limping they would get checkedout.If they were not recovering they were sent back to their home land.But the voyage was the most miserable part for the Immigrants because of the crowding of people and sickness that was spread.The Americans didn't want these disease so people wo weren't well were sent back.Alot of Immigrants faced discrimination which is why some immigrants couldn't get a job and couldn't find land because of these reasons.If they got a job they were being payed low wage which became a issue for immigrants and caused a argument and the rising of a political group called the "KnowNothing Party."