"Were looking at this as an opportunity to start over."

The Man Who Changed It All...


Born in Llera Tamaulipas Mexico

Joined military in 1917 (age 15)

Married a women he met in war

lived from 1924 to 1996

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Was Hector a great guy?

Yes, indeed he was. Hector wanted to end segregation more than anybody could imagine. He would go out of his was to fight not just for hispanics but for people of all races. There were always people trying to let him down but he never let phase him. He was also the founder of the American G.I. Fourm. and recieved several posthumous awards after his death.

More Facts!

Hector was the founder of the American G Forum

He was also a physician surgeon

Hector earned a award from president Reagan

in 1999 his image was placed on the U.S. treasury

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