Join us in Ancient Rome

By:Eric Garmn

Ten reasons why you should move here

1.The landscapes are beautiful with wonderful views.

2.the economy is stable allowing for get sources of income.

3.There are laws to keep citizens from doing bad things creating a safe and peaceful city.

4.There is plenty of room in the army for men to join in the fight.

5.But there are plenty of other jobs besides the army allowing for those incapable of fighting to still have an income.

6.There are few mountains allowing for easy travel to other city's in the Roman Empire.

7.If you prefer the water than there is plenty of space around the many seas by Rome.

8.We are currently in a time of peace since the start of the Pax Romana

9.Our government is stable and has a good leader to run the empire.

10.There is a plentiful amount of wonderful landmarks in our empire for you to experience and enjoy.

Ten more reasons your should move here

1.There is an excellent social structure allowing for people to either be a slave or rich and powerful.

2.The geography here so perfect for painters and builders because there is plenty of open land.

3.There is plenty of room in the city's because there are some many places for you to live.

4.Right now there is a time of peace and friendship throughout the Roman empire creating a friendly environment.

5.The enemy's of the Empire are being held back by the army.

6.the rulers are friendly and very respectful to the citizens of the Empire