My 2014-2015 School Year

"The year I became more interested in genetics"

A year full of changes

This year I went through many mental and physical changes. One mental change I went through was that I created a stronger bond with parents spending those late nights finishing up my homework and having those semi-awkward extra credit talks with them. Along with mental changes I went through some physical changes as well. For example, since the beginning of the school year Iv'e grown about 5 inches and I am now officially taller than my Mom who's 5'10. As of school I have learned so much and was very lucky to have the best Science teacher at Carmel Valley Middle School. Aside from having physical changes I also took part in many new fabs like the Kendama :p
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About half way through the school year the Kendama fab hit and I was caught up in it resulting in me getting one of these chinese skill toys.
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Mission Accomplished

During this school year I spent about an hour building this metal cable car I got in San Francisco during Spring Break.

In Conclusion

To conclude my thoughts I will talk about how I felt going into 7th grade and how I feel now. Going into middle school I was a little nervous because of the whole new big school and a bigger work load. Looking back on the school year it was smooth sailing. This encourages me to start next year strong and push right on through to High school.