Leopard's Little Lately

BY: Alicia Ducksworth

Dress code to STRICT?! Changing to uniforms? BY:Alicia Ducksworth

When you walk the halls do you see your fellow classmates interrogated for just having different colored socks? We talked to some students at Lakeview Middle School. This is what they had to say, "I think the dress code is fine and better than uniforms". While another said " Uniforms are a great way to help us, no one will get picked on and we won't have to worry about what to wear". Most students have different opinions about this; We want to hear yours, tell us on our site.

Competition is it?

Lakeview Middle School will be holding a competition to see who, out of our 3 grades are the smartest and fastest! Come out and support! From 5:30 to 7:30pm

Katrina- The Hurricane

New orleans fame with Katrina's impact

Almost 9 years ago Katrina tore threw Louisiana and Mississippi. Even though New Orleans was the one that got all the attention; Mississippi got none; this was where the actual hurricane made all the damage. Even though Louisiana was bad it wasn't from the storm, but the levee that broke causing all the damage. Most of the proceeds went to Louisiana when Mississippi really needed it. Most of Mississippi's houses, restaurants, and casinos still haven't been built after almost 10 years!

-Alicia Ducksworth

Book Of The Week

Ship Breaker.

This dystopian novel is about a boy who breaks down ships. When things are going low he fines a cruise ship decorated with gold and silver that can make him rich; but inside is a rich girl who is near dead, he must choose to save her and hope she will take him with her, going against his family or kill her and take the riches for himself.

- Alicia Ducksworth

How to: stay organized throughout the school year. By: Alicia Ducksworth

  • Keep different classes in different 1in binder
  • Keep homework in one section
  • Organize due items by due date
  • Missing assignments or overdue assignments in one folder
  • All undone assignments in one folder
  • Read library books by their due date
  • Keep a journal/or organizing book
  • Write due dates on calendar
  • Always study and sleep before a test or exam


After Christmas break we will be testing! So remember to study and refresh your brain! Also get plenty of rest and eat breakfast.

Inspiration Quote of the Day

"If I had my time over I would do the same again. So would any man who dares call himself a man."

- Nelson Mandela

Don't be ratchet!!

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WARNING: hair may cause baldness, itching,dryness,cancer,brain damage, scarring and diarrhea