Presidents of the U.S.

contributed to our country's freedoom, success,foundation

Ronald Reagan

The presidents of the U.S contributed to our country's freedom, success, and foundation like Ronald Reagan. Reagan was elected California governor in 1966. He was a life guard and saved over fifty lives. Also he was elected in 1980 and served from 1980-1988. Reagan was the one who broke down the Berlin Wall.

Franklin Roosevelt

The presidents of the United Stats contributed,to our freedom,success and foundation such as Franklin Roosevelt . Before he was elected for president he became a senator. Then he became a governor. After that he became vice president for his 5th cousin Theodore Roosevelt.In 1932 he was elected president. And he was elected 4 terms. But h helped end world hunger.The man was left with polio,which is ashame!!!!!

John .F. Kennedy

The presidents of the U.S contributed to our country's success, freedom, foundation like John .F. Kennedy. Kennedy was a skipper of the U.S navy. Served as president from 1963-1967. He was elected 35th president. Kennedy was the youngest president.Also the youngest president to die in office. He was assassinated 3 years into office.

In conclusion

In conclusion, presidents of the U.S contributed to our country's success ,freedom and foundation such as Ronald Reagan, Franklin Roosevelt, and John .F. Kennedy.