IAG, LLC Sells Businesses of All Types


You may have heard of IAG, LLC’s work facilitating the sale and purchase of businesses in one particular industry, but their work is far more varied than that. IAG, LLC has clients in several industries, including manufacturing, construction, restaurants, retail, auto repair and many others. They connect buyers to businesses for sale all over the United States and in Canada. If you are interested in buying or selling a business, IAG LCC has expertise in your area and is ready to help.

The Hunt For Qualified Buyers With IAG, LLC

IAG, LLC understands that when you decide to sell your business, your primary focus becomes finding serious, qualified buyers. The team at IAG, LLC is dedicated to searching the world for qualified buyers who will match the seller’s needs. They have put together an extensive database of qualified individuals and businesses that are looking to purchase businesses in many different industries. The strong relationships that IAG, LLC has created with third-party valuations teams will ensure that you will receive the most accurate value for your listing. IAG, LLC has its own in-house optimization team that is dedicated to maximizing your company’s potential and creating a beneficial sale for both parties.

The management team at IAG, LLC knows how difficult it can be to find qualified potential buyers, this is why they created an extensive database of buyers that have been qualified and researched. Each of these potential buyers has been evaluated by the IAG, LLC team to ensure that they are serious about purchasing a business, and that they are financially qualified.

Once you have decided to put your business on the market, IAG, LLC’s team will order a third-party valuation to determine its value. Once a price point has been set the team at IAG, LLC will begin to advertise for potential buyers. IAG, LLC uses many forms of advertising and electronic media to reach hundreds of thousands of qualified prospective buyers. When a business is put up for sale, it will be entered in IAG, LLC’s database to be matched with a seller on criteria such as business activity, location and asking price. Because of IAG, LLC’s extensive reach across the United States and Canada, even sellers who have had a difficult time locating buyers will see results quickly. Buyers and sellers must meet IAG, LLC’s qualifications to be matched. Once they have been matched they will be contacted by one of IAG, LLC’s business analysts who will walk the buyer and seller through the process.

IAG, LLC Has Earned a Five Star Reputation

IAG, LLC has earned a stellar reputation in the mergers and acquisitions industry. Their high standards and commitment to their clients have made them the industry leaders. When it is time to sell your business, you need to find serious, qualified buyers. IAG, LLC is committed to searching the world for qualified buyers who will match their seller’s needs. IAG, LLC has created an extensive database of qualified individuals and businesses looking to purchase businesses.

IAG, LLC offers a wide range of services that include consulting, matching qualified buyers with businesses and offering third party business valuations. As experts at seller and buyer matching the professionals at IAG, LLC are skilled at providing resources for transactions on both ends including legal and financial resources. IAG, LLC works with their clients one-on-one to ensure that they understand the process from presale valuation to finalizing the paperwork.

IAG, LLC understands that when it is time to sell your business, you need to find serious, qualified buyers. The team at IAG, LLC is dedicated to searching the world for qualified buyers who match the seller’s needs. IAG, LLC has created an extensive database of qualified individuals and businesses looking to purchase businesses all over the world. With strong affiliations with third-party valuations teams, IAG, LLC is able to ensure that they can offer the most accurate value for your business. IAG, LLC’s in-house optimization team is dedicated to maximizing a company’s potential to the benefit of both parties.

IAG, LLC offers the most expansive database of potential and qualified buyers in the industry. Through using international marketing and electronic media the team at IAG, LLC is able to reach 150 to 200 million readers every quarter. IAG, LLC also continues to add businesses that are looking to sell to their database, which will then match it with interested buyers based on criteria such as business type, location and price. All of this attention to the client’s needs has made IAG, LLC the industry leader in mergers and acquisitions.

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IAG, LLC Uses Electronic Media To Sell Businesses

IAG, LLC is a mergers and acquisitions company that specializes in assisting privately held businesses sell their company for the best possible price. For over 25 years the management team at IAG, LLC has been assisting in every step of the sales process from the beginning negotiation to the finalization of paperwork. IAG, LLC is known for working one-on-one with their clients to ensure that they understand the process of valuing and marketing their business.

With an expansive database of potential and qualified buyers, IAG, LLC uses international marketing and electronic media to find and add qualified buyers to their expansive database. Through their electronic media and advertising, IAG, LLC is able to reach 150 to 200 million readers every quarter to attract these qualified buyers. IAG, LLC also adds business that are looking to sell to their database, which they will then match with interested buyers based on criteria such as business type, location and price.

The business analysts at IAG, LLC are experts at matching potential buyers and sellers based on specific criteria. Having an accurate valuation of your business is essential; this is why IAG, LLC has many third-party valuations teams that will establish an honest and precise valuation of your business. Once they have an accurate picture of what your business is worth, the team at IAG, LLC is able to match you with a qualified and serious buyer. Once a match has been made, IAG, LLC will meet with both parties to assess if there is a high probability that the sale will be successful. If it is determined that the sale will be beneficial to both parties, IAG, LLC will begin negotiations.

Having a large database of qualified buyers is one thing that sets IAG, LLC apart from the competition. IAG, LLC is known for using international marketing and electronic media to reach the largest audience possible for their clients.

How IAG, LLC Does Property Valuations

There are several ways that IAG, LLC can use a business valuation to determine what your business is worth. This is done to facilitate the process of selling. IAG, LLC works with many reliable third-party valuations teams who will accurately assess the value of your business. The methods for business valuations normally break down into three categories: income, asset, and market approaches. The team at IAG, LLC is expert in all three methods to determine an accurate value for your business.

The income approach that IAG, LLC uses looks at future profits to determine a business’s value. In this approach, IAG, LLC can use either discounting or capitalization methods. Discounting is able to determine the value of businesses with a shorter history by looking at just the potential income. Capitalization looks at the business' history to determine its value. Discounting is normally used for new businesses.

The asset approach is used by IAG, LLC when they are looking at replacement value. Using this approach the value of your business is based upon the replacement value. This is similar to a coverage agreement that is found in insurance policies and would be the cost to replace your business if you had to start all over again. This approach is most often used by IAG, LLC because it takes into account all assets and liabilities. The downside to using the asset approach is that it is unable to measure intangibles like owner experience and licenses.

IAG, LLC uses the market approach to look at companies that are similar to determine the value of a business. This approach can be useful if there are other comparable businesses in the area, but if your business is unique in any way, it can be very difficult to find comparables.

The experts at IAG, LLC can assist you in determining which method will give you the most accurate valuation of your business. When deciding to put a business up for sale, it is critical to have a company like IAG, LLC to assess the value of your business.

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IAG LLC Has the Tools To Get Results

Mergers and acquisitions firm IAG LLC has been in business for 25 years; their management team has a combined century of experience in the industry. With numbers like these, it’s a small wonder that IAG LLC is a leader in their field, and one of the only companies around that provides the unique brand of services that they do. President Jason Hullender calls IAG LLC’s service package a “business intermediary consulting firm,” noting that they specialize in facilitating transactions between buyer and seller businesses using a methodology they developed themselves through extensive research and experience. Part of IAG LLC’s business strategy involves widespread exposure through various national and international media outlets, both in print and online, that reach an estimated 200 million readers. This kind of exposure has led to a trusted roster of buyers, which IAG LLC carefully matches to potential sellers after close analysis of various factors pertaining to each.

IAG LLC takes a great deal of pride in their track record of success; in recent months alone, they have facilitated a number of important deals, including the sale of Rainbow Press to Safeguard; L&L Van Lines to Sean Hamilton; Audio Visual Technologies to Ashley Brown; and a number of sales of businesses to private individuals. In each sale IAG LLC has worked to ensure that buyer and seller are perfectly matched, using their proprietary metric that relies on a number of proven factors to find a great fit for both buyer and seller. IAG LLC President Jason Hullender likes to point to the fact that the Rainbow deal was brokered start to finish in six months.

Jason Hullender Talks About IAG LLC

Jason Hullender, president of mergers and acquisitions leader IAG LLC, has been in the industry for over 20 years. He is an integral part of IAG LLC’s management team, who have a combined century of experience in M&A. Given this kind of M&A muscle, it is no surprise that IAG LLC is one of the leaders in its field, brokering deals between small and medium sized businesses with regularity and skill. Jason Hullender, a former Marine, believes in the value of hard work and discipline, and credits these attributes with aiding IAG LLC in rising to the top of a competitive field.

According to Hullender, IAG LLC’s unique strength lies in its ability to reach potential buyers across the country and worldwide, including in regions where it can be difficult to match buyers and sellers. IAG LLC accomplishes this feat with a far-reaching program of national and international media exposure, both in print and online, that reaches an estimated 200 million readers. With their established record of integrity and dedication, IAG LLC has retained a large roster of repeat buyers which they are able to match to their sellers using a proven methodology developed over the company’s 25 years in business. Just recently, says Hullender, IAG LLC brokered a deal between Rainbow Press and Safeguard that went all the way to completion in just six months. This is the kind of deal that IAG LLC makes look easy, when in fact it is anything but. Only IAG LLC has the combination of market savvy, experience, and dedication to the client that gets these results.

M&A Leader IAG LLC Has Been Active In Recent Past

Leading mergers and acquisitions company IAG LLC has been particularly active as of late, recently brokering several major deals on behalf of its valued clients. IAG LLC is a full-service mergers and acquisitions firm; in just the past few months they have helped Rainbow Press Inc. sell to Safeguard Business Systems; facilitated the sale of L&L Van Lines to Sean Hamilton; ensured that Audio Visual Technologies got all it asked for and more in a deal with Ashley Brown; and seen that clients Seed Center, Espresso Resources, and Nick’s Custom Boots all sold at favorable terms to private individuals. IAG LLC’s role in the sales is related to its extensive list of buyers, obtained through decades of hard work and networking, which enable it to find the perfect fit for every seller they take on as a client.

IAG LLC has been in business for 25 years, and its well-heeled team has over 100 years of combined experience in the mergers and acquisitions industry. As part of its full-service package, IAG LLC offers consulting services, helping secure third-party valuations, facilitating funding for transactions, and negotiating deal structures. IAG LLC’s client base spans the United States and includes many international businesses, reached through advertising and exposure through print and electronic media.

Every business is unique, and IAG LLC tailors a sales plan down to the last detail for each client it takes on. Doing business with IAG LLC ensures that you will get top dollar for your business in the sale.

IAG LLC Sells Rainbow Press to Safeguard

Dallas mergers and acquisitions leader IAG LLC has facilitated another sale. This time they have sold their client, Rainbow Press Inc., to Safeguard Business Systems. Rainbow Press Inc. is a leading printer in the area and signed on with IAG LLC after learning of the company’s stellar track record of success. True to form, IAG LLC found a buyer for Rainbow Press from within their existing client list, and the sale was brokered and went through within six months.

This type of smooth deal is par for the course for IAG LLC, a company that has been operating at top performance for 25 years. IAG LLC specializes in brokering deals with small to medium sized companies, and has built an extensive contact list of international buyers, making them an attractive option for those looking to get the most value for their company.

IAG LLC offers a full-service package that includes consulting services, valuations, seller-buyer matching, and funding solutions to facilitate transactions. With over 100 years of combined experience, IAG LLC’s team knows what it takes to get the job done right. Rainbow Press is merely the latest in a long line of successes for the broker and for their clients. Looking only at the past few months, IAG LLC has successfully brokered deals between ten buyers and sellers, for companies worth several millions in equity and revenue.

IAG LLC is one of the largest mergers and acquisitions companies of its kind, and the destination for any company looking to sell and seeking the most value out of all the hard work they have put into their business.

The Benefits of Buying a Business through IAG, LLC

Buying a business through IAG, LLC, a business brokerage firm with more than 100 years of combined experience, can be easier, faster, and more lucrative than buying a business on your own for several reasons. IAG, LLC represents both buyers and sellers, so their clients have access to confidential listings. IAG, LLC also has experienced consultants who will help you understand the value of potential businesses, and experts to help you negotiate the sale and ensure that everything transitions smoothly.

One benefit to buying through IAG, LLC is the quality of their listings. IAG, LLC carefully screens all buyers and sellers for legitimacy, so you won’t be looking at listing for sellers who aren’t serious. The screening system also lessens competition; you’ll only be competing against qualified, legitimate buyers. IAG, LLC is much more focused on finding the right buyers for businesses and the right opportunities for their buyers, than simply bringing in a high volume of clients. As a result, once you’ve passed the simple screening process, you’ll have access to more high-quality listings than you would get just looking online.

Second, working with IAG, LLC means that you’ll always know what to expect. IAG, LLC brokers are trained in how to explain sales to their clients and are happy to do so. They will always let you know the status of your buying process, and explain what the next steps are with an accurate timeline. IAG, LLC works hard to take the guessing out of investing in a new business. Working with IAG, LLC will also help you learn strategies to use in future purchases if you plan to develop a portfolio of businesses.

Finally, IAG, LLC will get you a fair price and ease the negotiation process. IAG, LLC works with business to set realistic asking prices, meaning most of the negotiation is done ahead of time.

How to Buy a Business with IAG, LLC

Investing in a business is a great way to diversify your portfolio, improve an existing business, or challenge yourself with a new career venture. If you are interested in buying a business, there are several ways to go about finding the right investment for you and negotiating the sale. Many investors recommend buying through a business broker to shorten the process and make sure the sale is done correctly. IAG, LLC is one of North America’s top business brokers. Visit their web site or call them to find out how they can help you buy a business.

The first step is to get in touch with IAG, LLC. You can visit their web site at http://www.intlag.com/buyers.aspx, or call them at 877-497-0693 to learn more about the business. Get in touch by phone or email to schedule an initial consultation with an expert. This meeting can take place in person, or by phone, email, or Skype, depending on your preference and location. IAG, LLC has offices in Toronto, New York, California and Texas. At this meeting, the broker will ask about your goals as a buyer. Before the meeting, think about why you want to buy. The broker will also ask you to sign some paperwork affirming you are a legitimate buyer and assuring confidentiality. After that paperwork is complete, you’ll have access to IAG, LLC’s listings of businesses for sale. Your broker can help you browse listings based on your goals.

Once you see some listings that you like, get in touch with your IAG, LLC broker to learn about the business. You can arrange a visit or meeting with the business owner to see if your goals line up and to understand the value of the business. When you find something you like, an IAG specialist will take you through the sale step by step. If you have any questions, just ask!

IAG, LLC Provides Expert Advice

IAG, LLC is a successful mergers and acquisitions firm that provides expert advice to buyers and sellers of businesses throughout the United States and Canada. IAG, LLC works with clients across the spectrum from first-time buyers looking for a new investment opportunity to experienced sellers who have sold several businesses and are ready to retire. No matter what their clients’ goals or experience level, IAG, LLC can help them meet their goals quickly, and understand all of the steps along the way.

One of the key elements of IAG, LLC’s expert services is accessibility. The company assigns each client to a dedicated representative who is in charge of coordinating all of their services and information. This way, if you have a question related to any aspect of your sale, you’ll just need to remember one phone number. IAG, LLC client services representatives pride themselves on being available to their clients by phone or email and responding promptly to all questions.

IAG, LLC also works hard to educate their clients about the ins and outs of buying a business in a way that is thorough but easy to understand. For example, they have streamlined the selling process into four basic steps: analysis and valuation; marketing preparation; advertisement; and the transaction. IAG, LLC has plenty of material on their web site, and additional material for their clients, to explain what to expect at each stage of the process. For buyers, the process is even simpler, and IAG, LLC experts can explain what steps apply to buyers.

IAG, LLC’s corporate values emphasize professionalism, client focus, and teamwork. IAG, LLC holds itself to a very high standard when it comes to advising its clients. It hires only experienced professionals who know the market well, and are skilled at applying their experience to clients’ needs.

IAG, LLC’s Four Steps of Selling a Business

Even though selling a business can sometimes be a long process, IAG, LLC has narrowed it down to four specific steps, which they describe on their web site at http://www.intlag.com/sellers.aspx. IAG, LLC is a successful business brokerage firm with more than a century of combined experience connecting buyers and sellers of businesses. For a business to sell, it needs to go through four main steps.

Step one is analysis and valuation, where the business owner and IAG, LLC work together to see what a business needs to do to get ready for sale, and how much a business is worth. In this step, a consultant from IAG, LLC meets the business owner on-site at the business to discuss the owners’ reasons for sale and motivation. They determine goals; for example, some owners want to maintain the service and quality of their business after sale, which others are looking for an owner who will make changes and improvements. Step one also includes obtaining a professional business valuation and setting an asking price.

Step two, marketing preparation, means that business owners and IAG, LLC experts work together to develop materials and attract buyers to company. IAG, LLC uses proven strategies and materials that are then tweaked to meet your goals and show off your business in the best way possible.

In step three, advertising, IAG, LLC publicizes the materials on their own site and on popular business sale sites. They also use their extensive directory of interested buyers to find owners.

One IAG, LLC finds a buyer, they move on to step four, the transaction. In this step, both parties agree on a price and go through the details of the transaction. IAG, LLC carefully screens both buyers and sellers to make sure that they are serious, and has transaction specialists to ensure that all sales are carried out efficiently.