August 2023

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Lion Families, Here is our 2023 - 2024 calendar for this school year. Feel free to hang it on your refrigerator OR feel free to access it online!!!! (See below.)
Please visit our webpage information site. Our website can be translated into the language of your choice by clicking on the TRANSLATE button at the top of the webpage.

This summer our District hosted a Kindergarten Orientation week long experience.

What a great time was had by our beautiful future kindergarteners!

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We LOVED spending time with our students this summer. We were fortunate to have students from our PK all the way through our HS this summer!!! There were plenty of educational and fun moments shared.

Lindenwold is getting a "face-lift" this summer!



Ms. Kathryn Agresta: Director of Curriculum (Elementary)

I am excited to serve as Elementary Curriculum Director of Lindenwold Public Schools. It is an honor to serve your children and the community. I received my Masters degree from Rutgers Graduate School of Education. Through my experiences as a teacher, interventionist and principal I have made academic growth my focus. While serving as principal in the Woodbury City and Florence school districts, I prioritized data-driven, individualized instruction. Student learning should go beyond worksheets because true learning results from active thinking. It is important that we as educators spark students’ natural curiosity about the world and facilitate creative thinking that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

As the mother of two daughters, Ava (14) and Carly (12), I have learned the importance of treating each child as an individual with unique set of experiences, perspectives, and learning styles. I will treat your children with the same love and compassion as I treat my own children. Great schools are a result of great teachers, supportive parents, passionate administrators and a caring community.

Important Dates to Know:

September 6th:

Preschool Open House (6 - 7 pm)

MS Grade 5 Orientation (6 - 7 pm)

HS Grade 9 Orientation (9:45am)

September 7th:

First day of school for all students

September 7th & 8th:

Preschool Late Arrival (11:50 am)

September 12th: (**Note the date change.**)

Evening: School 4 (6:30 pm)

School 5 Open House (6:00 pm)

September 14th:

LMS Open House (6:30 pm)

September 21st:

LHS Open House (6:30 pm)


The District has partnered once again with a before and after school program called - CHAMPIONS. For more information, please visit our District webpage below OR the direct links below:





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Preschool, School 4, & School 5:

The District does not have a required school supply list for OUR ELEMENTARY students. The District will provide students with all necessary school supplies such as: folders, crayons, pencils, etc. for students in Preschool, School 4, and School 5.

Families may wish to purchase backpacks and lunch boxes. The District also receives donations of backpacks, too, which may be shared with students. If you are in need of a bookbag for your child, please contact your child’s school. We are happy to assist you.


While the District does not require specific supplies, teachers may share suggestions in the summer mailing or on the first day of class.

The District's Safety Specialist, Ms. Adrienne McManis, has continued her dedicated focus on the safety of our staff and students throughout the Lindenwold School District. Please take some time to review the below important safety measures:


One measure will include the requirement that ALL students, staff, approved guests, and substitutes will be required to wear a school issued ID each day.

Middle and high school students will receive a temporary ID on the first day of school in homeroom. Permanent IDs will be provided following school picture days, which will occur later in the fall.

Food Delivery Services (Door Dash/Uber Eats, etc...):

Food delivery services will be denied access and will be turned away from any of our schools during normal business hours. Please be aware, if this results in a loss of student money, the student assumes that risk. This is a violation of school district safety procedures.

Side Door Access:

Students opening side doors for unauthorized guests (family or friends) and/or food delivery services will receive consequences aligned to compromising the safety of our staff and students within the building.

Elementary First Day of School Information:

Elementary Students will be mailed a name tag in their “Welcome Back to School” informational mailing in late August. Students will then receive their permanent ID tag that will be connected to their book bag on the first day of school. Please leave this tag connected to your child’s bookbag for the entire year, as it will assist in the dismissal process each day.

ALL students will be required to wear their IDs starting on day 1 of school, September, 8th. This visual identifier will help school staff quickly know who has been approved to be inside our schools as well as on our school property. Bus drivers will also require these IDs to properly identify students on their bus.

Head Coverings:

Students may NOT wear hoods or head coverings (hats, ball caps, head wraps, etc.) of any kind during the school day in common areas: cafeteria, hallways, gymnasium, etc. Head coverings compromise our ability to visually identify students / staff/ guest faces on our camera system. Disregarding this guideline is considered a violation of student/staff/school safety procedures. (Exception: A religious exemption regarding head coverings will be granted; however, documentation and a meeting with administration will be required.)

Please review the District information regarding the Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Reporting Process (HIB). Families may report a situation to ANY staff member or to ANY District Staff Member; however, the following individuals are always available to assist you:

Dr. Kristin P O'Neil - Superintendent

PK Principal:

School 4 Principal:

School 5 Principal:

LMS Principal:

LHS Principal:

Amber Callow: Community & Inclusion Coordinator / District HIB Specialist


All complaints & concerns are taken very seriously and thoroughly investigated.

To understand the HIB process, please visit the following District webpage:

The District uses a District App that allows our students and community to report concerns directly from their phone or from our District website. Concerns may be reported anonymously OR you may choose to identify your name. Immediately after a concern is submitted, the Superintendent and Administration are alerted.

You can access STOP IT on our main webpage:

or on our District Safety Page:

OR from your phone. Download the App.


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We have learned that the traditional school day program is not always the best fit for all students. This year, the District will be running an alternate option, an evening program for students in grades 7 - 12 called the "TWILIGHT PROGRAM."

Students will earn their grade level education and ultimately their high school diplomas while attending school in the evening hours (3pm - 7pm).

This program is ideal for students who need a more individualized experience, a quieter/smaller learning environment, an opportunity to work at one's own pace with less distractions, and sometimes students just need a "break" from the traditional day experience to regroup and collect oneself.

Our Twilight Program is a great alternative to the traditional educational experience. For students identified as individuals who may benefit from this program, District Administration will be reaching out over the next few weeks.

Twilight Program Director:

Ms. Adrienne McManis

1. Summer mailings will be going toward the end of August. Please expect to receive your "WELCOME TO SCHOOL" information the week of 8/21/23. If you do not receive a mailing by Monday, August 28th, please contact your child's Principal.

2. Transportation information will be mailed out to families late August. You should receive your transportation information the week of August 28th.

Our new Early Childhood Center is becoming a reality. Unfortunately, during this process, traffic at our schools will be impacted. Please review the new traffic pattern for the 2023 - 2024 school year at School 4 & LHS.


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We have created a student job board. When we become aware of job opportunities - we will post them here for our students! Check it out!


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You can find all previous editions of the Lion's Roar on the Staff Resources page.


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Please reference this calendar for the 2023 - 2024 school year. We are getting ready!!!!!