By: Zykeiah Allen

Toy packaging

This is my toy packaging advertisement showing the packages of toys geared towards children of different genders boys, girls and a toy that can be gender neutral and used for either gender of child.

Children toys ages birth to 3 years old

Children's toys age 4 to age 6

Children's toy's ages 7-10

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Toys that cross the gender lines

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What these gender toys do to kids

I think that gender typed toys are very bad for children because it limits them and can shape them to be a certain way. When you look at girls toys they are all about beauty and cooking and cleaning. These types of toys can enforce gender roles and make the child grow up to be something that it wouldn't have otherwise be like. When you look at boys toys the toys are things like guns, knives and loud trucks and cars. The majority of these boy toy's are involved with aggression, anger and fighting. Some of the boy's toys could make them think violence is okay. It could end up teaching the girl's that the most important hings they can be is beautiful, cooking and cleaning up after a family. The children should be able to get the toy that interest them like if a boy wanted to cook or a girl wanted a gun. That would challenge the gender roles that gender typed toys place on kids at an early age. So i think it's a good thing when these companies make toys that are similar but fit both genders.