Rabies Virus

Rabies Virus

Rabies belongs to the order, Monoegavirale, which is a negative-stranded RNA genome. It is "bullet-shaped." Rabies is a RNA virus.

Structure of Rabies Virus

The structure of Rhabdoviruses are commonly known as "Rabies" has a 100nm long and 75nm wide structure.

The Rabies genome encodes 5 proteins: Nucleoprotein, Phosphoprotein, Matrix protein, Glycoprotein, and Polymerase.

Crime this disease committed, and the victims.

Animals can transmit the Rabies disease to humans and other animals. Infected animals can spread the virus by biting another animal or human. Rabies can be spread when infected saliva gets into an open wound. The common victims of this disease are humans. Bats, foxes, and skunks spread the disease.


The virus attacks your cells by making its home in your nervous system. It grows by living inside other organisms called "hosts".

Injury claim

Rabies attacks the Central Nervous System causing inflammation in the brain.

Prevention and Treatments

You can prevent this disease by doing the following:

  1. Vaccinate your pets.
  2. Report stray animals.
  3. Dont approach wild animals.
4. Consider the Rabies vaccine.

There are no specific treatment for Rabies.