Sixth Grade Band Bulletin

September 19th 2014

It's a Busy Time!

Dear Parents

I hope that you are enjoying this return to summer. We are in the midst of a very busy time for the young musicians. In this newsletter, you'll find many important bits of info on upcoming events. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns.


Rob Buckley

Band Teacher--Rotolo Middle School

Do you like Hoagies?

The Batavia Music Buffs has one day left of it's Hoagie Sale. If you are interested in purchasing a Hoagie online ($5.15), please visit the Buffs website:



Our very own Batavia Marching Bulldogs from Batavia High School will be taking the field in competition tomorrow in DeKalb. Tonight (FRIDAY), the band will be giving a full performance of their half-time show "Into the Woods" for parents and fellow students in Bulldog Stadium at 6:00pm. The marching band wants to perform before the big competition tomorrow (their first two football game performances were rained out). If you are interested in seeing what our volunteer competitive marching band is like, head over to the Stadium a little before 6:00 to check out the show!

Bb Scale Quiz On Tuesday!

The First Scale Quiz is coming up on Tuesday. Students will be asked to play the Bb Concert scale. Students have known about the quiz for two weeks. We practice the scales every day in class. That being said, students should practice the scales this weekend too. It would be a great idea if your child video taped themselves playing it and sent me that video either via google classroom (kids have instructions how to do that) or via a smartphone/tablet. I can then give them feedback on how they are doing before the quiz. If your child plays it perfect, he/she will "ace the test" and not have to perform it on Tuesday.

Scale Quizzes are worth 10 points (+1 point if memorized AND mistake-free).


Students who have completed the first GLE unit should have a score of 50 points in Powerschool for the First GLE Unit assignment. Students who have not completed will have a small "C" in the grade. This comment will have the song numbers your child still needs to complete as of Friday, 9/19. (will not be updated until 5:00pm). Students should be practicing nearly every day. Instead of thinking about how many minutes--students should pick a goal they can achieve and work to accomplishing that goal.
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As you can see from the picture, we are trying something different for help sessions this upcoming week.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of yesterday's help session (22 students), we are going to change it for the future.

As you can see from the picture, there are four sheets (each has 5 spots for names). Each sheet represents a different day/time help session.

If I only have 5 students in the room (as opposed to 22), I can work a lot more with them. Due to the large number of kids, students can sign up for one session. If there are still spots available later in the week, students who already attended could attend a 2nd. I want everybody to have a chance though to sign up first.

Morning Sessions start at 7:10 am and end at 7:45

Afternoon Sessions end at 3:45pm (students can be picked up in the back parking lot)

Students attending help sessions to check off songs, should come to these prepared to maximize their time. Students needing help on a skill/concept should know what that skill/concept is so I can best serve their needs.

Times Next week; Monday (3:10-3:45pm)

Wednesday (7:10-7:45am)

Thursday (3:10-3:45pm)

Friday (7:10-7:45am)

Upcoming Concert (Extra Credit opportunity)

The Naperville Municipal Band (of which I am a member of the percussion section) will be having its Fall Concert on Sunday, November 9th 2014 in Wentz Concert Hall on the North Central College Campus. The concert is free, though it fills up as seating is limited. Students who attend the concert can bring me the program for 3 extra credit points. The concert is a great way to show the young musicians that people can make music well into adulthood (the Naperville Band has members ranging in age from 18-92!!). The group plays a wide variety of music. This year the band is preparing to perform at the Texas Bandmasters Association Convention in San Antonio, TX next July. Some of the music on this concert will be part of the special concert next summer in Texas. The concert will also include a Bassoon soloist!