Happenings at the Hive

August 18, 2023

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Important Dates:


25th - Culvers Dine to Donate Night - 3:00-8:00 P.M.


1st- August/September Birthday Sundaes

4th - Labor Day, no school

6th - Picture day

13th - PTO Meeting - 4:00 P.M. (Media Center)

20th - E-learning day; staff professional development

20th - Chipotle Dine to Donate - 5:00-9:00 P.M.

29th - Homecoming Parade

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New 1st-5th Grade Students

During the week of August 28th, any students new to Solon will have a check-in chat with the administrators, counselor, and PBIS para. If you would like your child to opt out, please email mpociask@cps.k12.in.us.

Please Read: Important Dismissal Updates/Reminders

  • For the next several days, students will dismiss a few minutes earlier than our normal dismissal time. We will start with walkers, followed by car riders, and then load buses once those students have cleared the building. Please note that if your child is a walker, he/she may dismiss a few minutes earlier than what will be our normal dismissal time.
  • Please remember that dogs should not be on school property unless they are in your vehicle.
  • If your child is a car rider, please post your dismissal name sign on your dashboard. Each sign should contain the last name(s) of any child(ren) riding in your vehicle as well as the grade level of each child. We would also like for the first names of kindergarten students to be included on your sign. Your sign should remain on your dashboard until you leave the parking lot.
  • Miramar Court will be under construction beginning on Monday. Parking will only be available on the south side of Miramar Court. Parking is still available on Pettibone and Greenwood.
  • If your child is exiting the building as a walker, this means that he/she is walking from the school to his/her house. There should not be any vehicles for school pick up parking on Wells Street. If you are coming to school in a vehicle (K-3), you must use the car line.
  • During dismissal, traffic should flow into the parking lot from the entrance on the corner of Pettibone St. and Wells St. This is a one-way entrance. Left turn into the lot is not permitted during dismissal.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

  • Arrival should begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m.

  • Enter in the main parking lot off of Wells St., not the front circle drive. Students may be dropped off near the main entrance.

    • Students in grades K-3 will enter at the main door 2W.

    • Students in grades 4-5 will enter at the front door marked 1W.

  • Parents who wish to walk their child up to the door should park first..

Dismissal of Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade Students (See map below)

  • Traffic will flow into the lot from the entrance on the corner of Pettibone St. and Wells St. This is a one-way entrance. Left turn into the lot is not permitted during dismissal.

  • Vehicles will form two car lines beginning at the cones at the east end of the parking lot. Vehicles should remain in park until instructed by staff to exit the lot once all students are loaded.

  • Students will be loaded into cars from the passenger side only and all vehicle passengers are to remain in the car.

  • During dismissal, vehicles must have a sign in passenger side windshield with the last name/grade level of all students riding in the vehicle. If you do not have a sign on display, you will be asked to pull forward and provide photo identification.

  • Kindergarten through 3rd grade students who are walking home and will be meeting an adult will walk down the sidewalk on the north side of the building and will meet adults near the Solon Robinson Elementary School sign at the corner of Wells St. and Pettibone St.

Dismissal of 4th and 5th grade Students

  • Students will be escorted out of door 1W by teachers.

  • Students will cross the street onto Pettibone Street in front of the building.

  • Parents can park on Pettibone and must stay in the car. Please comply with any posted legal/parking signs.

  • Student(s) will meet you at your car.

Additional Notes

  • Older siblings will be dismissed at the door with their younger siblings.

  • Parents picking up students early for an appointment or dropping off items should use the circular drive bus entrance and park on the left side.

  • Vehicles are not permitted to park in the lot and walk to retrieve students. Students will only be dismissed to vehicles in car line.

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Supply List

Supplies for elementary students are included in their annual registration/textbook fees. However, CPCSC elementary schools request that each student has the following:

  • Backpack (no wheels, please)
  • Pencil case
  • Chromebook case cover (strongly recommended, Chromebook dimensions are 12 x 9 inches)
  • Headphones or earbuds
  • Reusable water bottle

Construction at Solon

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Cafeteria Information

MealTime accounts

If you child will be purchasing meals or snacks in the cafeteria, please deposit funds into their MealTime account. This can be done online at https://www.cps.k12.in.us/district-departments/food-services, on the MealTime app, or by sending cash or check in an envelope (with your child’s first and last name) to school.

You can easily check your MealTime balance on PowerSchool. Online, click on ‘balance’ located in the navigation pane on the left. On the mobile app, the balance shows at the top of the dashboard.

If there aren’t sufficient funds in a child’s MealTime account, they can still buy breakfast and/or lunch, and it will be charged to their account. However, per corporation policy, if your child’s balance is over $30 and left unpaid, we have to send it to collections.

Purchasing snacks in the cafeteria

2nd through 5th grades can buy snack items every day at lunch time. Prices range from $0.55 to $1.00 Funds from their MealTime account are used.

If you want to place a limit on how many items they can buy, or how much they can spend per day, please email me at msoutherland@cps.k12.in.us, or send in a signed note with your child. You can also disallow any a la carte purchases.

Ice cream will be available to purchase a la carte one day per week for each grade (2-5) Ice cream is $1.00





Birthday Ice Cream Treats

If you want to purchase ice cream for the class for your child’s birthday, please fill out the Birthday Celebrations form (also found on the district food services website) and send it in with payment to the cafeteria at least one week before their birthday. Ice cream treats are $1 each

Students with summer birthdays can also buy birthday ice creams for the class during the school year, usually during the last month of school.

Megan Southerland

Food Service Manager, Solon Robinson Elementary


219-663-2525 x17603

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PTO Corner

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Solon Robinson Elementary School

Barb Merrill, Principal ext. 17001

Melanie Pociask, Assistant Principal ext. 17103

Lisa Hovanec, Treasurer ext. 17000

Tina Rosenbaum, Secretary ext. 17002

Chrissy McNeil, Nurse ext. 17081