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Food Allergy Awareness and Management

A food allergy is a immunological response to food (allergic reaction). The body protects itself by the release of histamine. This affects multiple body systems such as GI, respiratory, skin and cardiovascular. Exposure can cause serious problems or death. Currently there is no cure to fight allergies. The only way to prevent allergic reactions is strict avoidance.

Peanut allergies specifically are typically life-long. They also cause the most severe reactions. Within a couple minutes to 2 hours after exposure, one can have an allergic reaction and if not treated properly it can be fatal.

Anaphylaxis is the most severe allergic reaction . It can occur within minutes of exposure and death can occur within as little as six minutes. The pattern can vary among individuals, and those with a combination of asthma are at the highest risk. There are some safety measures that can be taken to decrease food allergens. The keys are a good attitude, careful handling, avoidance of cross-contamination, label reading and expecting the unexpected. Everyone has to be aware, as reactions can occur at varying times after exposure.

What to do? Avoid cross-contamination, require thorough hand washing and teeth brushing, especially if you suspect a student has eaten peanuts/nuts. Clean eating and work areas carefully, discourage food sharing, have "safe" snacks and treats from family, and do not allow homemade goodies or home prepared foods (e.g. apples cut at home).

Signs: Hives, vomiting, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, eczema flare, light-headedness, and swelling.

What a child may say:I think I am going to throw up, my mouth/tongue itches chest feels tight, I feel itchy, feels like something is in my throat, lips feel tight, feels like bugs are in my ears.

What can be done?(Epi-Pen). An epi-pen is administered by removing the grey activation cap. Next you jab the black end into outer thigh(this can be done through clothing). Hold for 15 seconds and keep patient lying down. Call 911 right away and tell them you have a child experiencing anaphylaxis, and you have administered the epi-pen, and to bring more epinephrine.

Emergency Action Plan

Varies for individual child. Should be kept in a place that is SPECIFIC for each allergic child. Know the plan and know where the medication is located.

Student Study Team Process

Student Study Team

Good Afternoon Team!

Thank you all for a great opening to the 2014-2015 school year! Our enrollment is growing and your flexibility has been appreciated as we continue to serve our ever increasing student population! We have a lot of new students at Cal Aero that we do not know very well yet. As you develop relationships with your students and their parents, I look forward to supporting all of you as their needs arise.

I have created a schedule for SST meetings. The days are not consistent each week as I had to build it around IEP meetings. However, this will allow us to schedule SSTs throughout the school year instead of once per trimester. In this way we can support more students at both elementary and junior high.

Below is our process for SST meetings beginning this school year:

~Please be sure to use the checklist to guide you.

~Once you have conferenced with parents to let them know that their child is struggling or falling behind [at any time during the school year], you can then begin the paperwork process with parents.

~The sign-up sheet with meeting dates will be at Cheryl's desk.

~When you have completed your SST forms and have received the parent's SST forms back, please submit them to Cheryl and she will arrange a date for your SST Meeting. For the purposes of efficiency, Cheryl will not be able to schedule a date unless you have all paperwork completed.

~At this point you will then send the final SST form to the parents with the date and time of the meeting.

New Lunch Schedule

Cal Aero is growing and feeding students in a timely manner has necessitated a change in the lunch schedule. Please note that only first and second grade are affected at this time.

New Lunch Schedule: MTWF:

1st and 2nd grade: 11:40-12:20.


1st and 2nd grade:10:10-10:40

Dates to Remember

Aviator Time: October 13th

ELD: September 29th