Annexation for Texas is a Must!

Article by Sammy Brown, Texas


Texas needs to annex for a lot of reasons. One of them is the debt we owe! After spending thousands of dollars on millitary and other things, we owe a lot of money. Too much money spent, and we could seriously be in trouble. The U.S could be the answer. They would help us pay off our debt and we could be out of trouble.


Texas is very vaunrable at the moment. Mexico is possibly looking to attack Texas and take us back over. This coul happen becuase Texas does not have a strong millitary. If texas were to join the United States, we would be safe. The United States would protect Texas from Mexico.

Postal System

Another reason for Texas to annex, is because of the postal system. Texas doesn't have the best postal system and that is a major negative. When Texas gets annexed, we don't have to worry about mail because the U.S has a fully functional postal system.

Money System

The U.S has a better money system than Texas, which is clear to see. The U.S has banks, and good clear currency. Texas on the other hand, is not so great. We don't have good banks or good clear currency. That is just unacceptable.

Treaty of 1844

Texas thought they had finally had it. We had been pushing so hard for annexation and we got denied by the U.S Senate. Everyone in Texas must have thought we had it. But the Senate did not pass by 2/3 majority. It's a big dissapointing shock.

Election of 1844

James K. Polk has been elected as President of the United States in the election of 1844! Us Texans are super excited becuase President Polk favors annexation. You know what happens when a president favors something? The rest of the United States favors that thing. So chances of getting annexed are looking better in Texas.
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Joint Resolution

Texas has been annexed! Texas is no longer a republic, but a country. The U.S Senate ruled Texas annexed by easy majority. This date will go down in history as the day Texas joined the U.S. President Polk has a new state to care for as Texas gets annexed, Febuary 26, 1845.