Karlye Ramos


Temperate and tropical are the two types of rainforest. You can find temperate rainforests along the coast in the temperate zone, like the Paciffic northwest of the USA. Tropical rainforests are found closer to the equator, some examples are the one in South America, the one in Africa, or the one in Southeast Asia. Rainforests cover only 6% of the world's surface. The largest temperate rainforest is located in Pacciffic Northwest, and it stretches from Alaska to Oragan. The largest tropical rainforest is located in South America. Lastly all rainforest are endangered, because people keep cutting down trees. If they keep doing that about 40% of our oxygen will be gone.

General Location

There are four layers of trees in the rainforest. Emergent, upper canopy, understory, and forest floor are the four distinct layer of trees. Emergent trees are 100 to 240 feet tall and are spaced far apart. During the brief dry season some trees lose there leaves. With unbrella shaped tops they are the top layer of the trees. Upper canopy trees are the next layer of trees. Upper canopy trees grow to be from 60 to 130 feet tall. This trees allow light to shine through, and reduces greatly any light down under. There is a lot of food on this layer for so many different spices, too. Going down? The next layer is called the understory. The understory (or lower canopy) contain 60 foot trees. You may feel little air on this layer, so for a result the humidity level is very high. To the forest floor we go! On the forest floor it usually has very little light, or most of the time complete darkness. As a result of very little light not a lot of plants can grow there. On this layer a person can get around just fine.


The weather is not different in the rainforest. There is about 50 to 260 inches of rain fall yearly. The temperature rarely gets higher then 93°F or below 68°F, so the weather has a lot of humidity and very little wind. There is only 12 hours of daylight, and no Winter. This weather is good for so many kinds of spices, too.


In the rainforest there are all kinds of landforms, like the rolling hills, majoir rivers, and more. There are rivers that flow from oneside of the rainforest to the other. Some may start small, but they can become the longest river in all of Brazil. Then there are all the trees which shelter animals from the other animals.


There are thousands upon thousands of different species living in the rainforest, such as the poison dart frog, the blue morpho butterfly, and the harpy eagle. The poison dart frog lives in on the understory level of the rainforest. Then there is the blue morpho butterfly, who lives in the upper canopy. Don't forget the harpy eagle which lives in the emergent level of the rainforest. Then there is the bengal tiger who is one of the mammals in the rainforest. It lives on the forest floor level, so do most of the other animals in the rainforest. The boa constrictor is one of the longest reptiles on earth it, and it can live anywhere in the rainforest. You can find them in trees, on the ground, anywhere. One of the most dangerous aquatic animals live in the rain forest, too. The piranhas are found in the streams. There are more animals, and so many of them are going instinct.


There are so many different plants in the rainforest, and all are different some are big some are small, some are beautiful some are not, some are dangerous some sure not. One of the most common plants in the tropical rainforest is epiphyte. Epiphyte is a plant the grows on other plants. They often grow on the canopy levels, so they can take in sunlight of other plants. Other are so many other plants that grow in the rainforest, and live up to a thousand years. Wow, that is a long time to live for plant or animal!

Catastrophic events

There are a lot of catastrophic events going on right now. There is the extinction of several species, and the trees being chopped down. People are hunting the animals in the rainforest, and not even knowing that they are killing an endangered species. They think it is just a stupid animal, but it's not. And then some people think they need to cut down trees. Why, do that to the animal's and to a beautiful island of trees?