Mahatma Gandhi

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Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was a leader in the Indian independence movement to become free from British ruled India. He led nonviolent civil disobedience movements. He inspired movements for civil rights all over the world. He organized for peasants, farmers, and urban laborers to protest high tax on property and discrimination.He assumed leadership of the Indian National Congress in 1921 and led nation wide campaigns easing poverty, expanding women rights, ending untouchability, and achieving self rule.

Time Line

1869 - Gandhi's Birthday

1876 - Gandhi begins primary school

1881 - Gandhi begins high school

1893 - Gandhi is motivated to fight for Indian rights

1894 - Gandhi founds the Indian National Congress

1906 - Gandhi introduces non- violent protest

1908 - Gandhi arrested for refusing to carry ID

1913 - Gandhi begins "Great March"

1921 - Gandhi is given exclusive authority over Indian National Congress

1930 - Indian Declaration of Independence

1944 - Death of Gandhi's Wife

1948 - Gandhi assassinated

Other Historical Events

1869 (Gandhi's Birthday) - Elizabeth Cady Stanton is the first women to testify before US Congress

1876 (Gandhi begins primary school) - The US orders Native Americans to be moved to reserves

1881 (Gandhi begins high school) - Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell form the Oriental Telephone Company

1893 (Gandhi is motivated to fight for Indian rights) - Grover Cleveland becomes the 24th US President (2nd Term)

1894 (Gandhi founds the Indian National Congress) - Karl Benz receives US patent for gasoline-driven auto

1906 (Gandhi introduces non- violent protest) - Henry Ford becomes president of Ford Motor Company

1908 (Gandhi arrested for refusing to carry ID) - Ford builds the first Model T car

1913 (Gandhi begins "Great March") - Woodrow Wilson becomes the 28th President

1921 (Gandhi is given exclusive authority over Indian National Congress) - Albert Einstein lectures New York on his Theory of Relativity

1930 (Indian Declaration of Independence) - Paavo Nurmi runs record 6 mile (29:36.4)

1944 (Death of Gandhi's Wife) - Hitler and Mussolini meet at Salzburg

1948 (Gandhi assassinated) - Chiang Kai-shek is elected President of Nationalist China

Mini Bio: Gandhi

Why He Should Be Inducted To The Hall Of Fame

Gandhi should be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of the way he fought for his rights. He believed in non violent and peaceful protests advocating Indian rights.


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