Most Common Asthma Symptoms

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Some Of The Common Asthma Symptoms

Asthma is one of the most widespread diseases in the world. Around 300 million people in the world suffer from asthma. The disease has also been responsible for hundreds and thousands of deaths. The most dangerous thing about asthma is its suddenness. It can turn a perfectly healthy looking person into a bed ridden one within a matter of minutes. Asthma attacks are often triggered by allergic objects, bad weather, environmental pollution, dust etc. some people suffer from asthma because it had been in their families genes. Despite its unpredictability severity, people suffering from asthma can lead a normal life by being a little careful and taking precaution.

Although there are some universally identified common asthma symptoms, they may slightly vary in one patient to another. With help and guidance from the doctors and health experts, one can control the symptoms if not cure them. The moment any of these symptoms are detected the person may take the measures so that the situation does not go out of hand.

One positive thing is that it is quite easy to identify asthmatic symptoms. As a result you can take quick action. Some known symptoms are feeling thirsty, irritation in the nose and throat and increase in urine output. Before an asthma attack these signs can appear. However, these are not seen in all cases of asthma. There are other signs as well. These things can also happen to you for reasons other than asthma. However it is better not to take them lightly.

The more common asthma symptoms are difficulty of breathing, coughing, wheezing (seen more in children); Exhaling etc. a person may also feel intense pressure on the chest. Generally these signs and symptoms are preceded by rapid breathing. If they occur the patient must take medication as soon as possible.