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Mr. Hicks' Parent Newsletter: Fall Edition (2020-2021)

Updates from Mr. Hicks

Simpsonville Elementary Parents and Families,

Thank you for your partnership over our first few weeks of NTI! Our entire Simpsonville Bobcat Family of teachers, administrators, and support staff recognize how difficult it can be to balance the demands of NTI, and we greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility.

We are incredibly excited about welcoming our SCPS@School students back into our building on Monday, September 28th for the first time since March! In order to prepare all of our students and families for our Bobcats coming back to school, a series of updates for both SCPS@School and SCPS@Home can be found below.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, or need any clarification!

--Adam Hicks


Simpsonville Elementary School

(502) 722-8855

SCPS@School Updates

School Hours

  • Our school hours have been slightly adjusted due to our adjusted start date. We will begin our school day at 7:35 AM, and will dismiss at 2:27 PM.
  • This Thursday (September 24th) and Friday (September 25th), our SCPS@School teachers are reporting to school to prepare their classrooms, and to go over updated school protocols for students returning into our building. As a result, most of our SCPS@School teachers are cancelling Zoom meetings during these days.


  • All students will be expected to wear masks inside our school building, except during lunch.

Outdoor Classrooms!

  • In order to provide our students with as many healthy and safe mask breaks throughout our day, we have set up a series of outdoor classrooms for our classrooms to use! In these outside spaces, students and classes will be able to spread out more than six feet apart to ensure social distancing.
  • Please pack either a small blanket or a towel in your student's backpack! They will use this in our outdoor classroom space throughout the school year.

Temperature Checks
  • When students arrive to school, their temperatures will be taken before they enter the building. Any student who has a fever of over 100 degrees will need to return home for twenty-four hours.
  • If a student is at school and has a fever of over 100 degrees, parents will be expected to pick their child up within an hour of school calling.


  • Due to increased safety and health protocols, visitors will not be permitted at school at this time; however, parents can always reach out to our office and administrative staff with questions!

Progress Reports

  • Progress reports will be given to your student to take home on Monday when they return to school!


  • As I mentioned earlier, we are excited about your student returning to school! Thank you for everything you have done to help your child to start the school year virtually, and thank you in advance for your patience with the start of in-person instruction. There will very likely be some delays in things like afternoon car rider line as we get adjusted to our updated school protocols, so your support and understanding is appreciated!

SCPS@Home Updates

School Hours
  • When in-person school starts on Monday, your student's SCPS@Home hours will also change to reflect our new schedule. You student's teacher will message adjusted times to you.

Progress Reports

  • Progress reports will be distributed on Monday from your child's teacher. These forms will be shared with you electronically.

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