The Truth About George Burroughs

BY:Abbylee Lustgraaf

Who is George Burroughs?

George Burroughs was a former Reverend in Salem Village. Since then he suffered the tragic loss of his 3rd wife He has been widowed 3 times with 5 children left for him to care for. He moved to Wells, Main shortly before the witch trials began.

What he was really like

Just like Reverend Parris, Burroughs had been promised a salary from the church when he was the Reverend. the church failed to fulfill the promise for the both of them.Therefore, George Burroughs had no money. When we talked to Ann Putnam she stated that she had seen George’s apparition on April 20th, 1692. We asked George about it and he stated he had absolutely nothing to do with it and all Ann was trying to do was get back at him for their argument years ago. The court didn’t believe him, two people had accused him already.Minutes before Burroughs was arrested he was the minister of Wells, Main and in his humble home enjoying a family meal with his five children. Before Burroughs could say anything his house was flooded with lawmen and he was arrested right then and there. They took him back down to Salem Village. During his trial people accused him of being a wizard and a person of witchcraft.

George Burroughs death

August 19th, 1692, toothless 80-year-old, George Burroughs was

hung. 32 people signed a petition to save his innocence, but it did no good. George stood upon the ladder to say his last words before he was hung. He stated the Lord’s prayer and many people thought he shouldn’t be killed, but Cotton Mather reminded the crowd that Burroughs had been convicted in the court of law.

The Executions Went On!!!

When Burroughs was buried he was buried with Martha Carrier and John Willard, two other people who had been accused of being a witch. After he was buried his hand, chin and someone else’s foot were left uncovered. Right after Burroughs was hung four more people were hung from being accused as either a witch or a person of witchcraft.

Why we should remember him in a good way

The importance of George Burroughs and his story. George Burroughs was known as self-denying, generous, public-spirited,

intelligent, true-minded, sincere, humble,devoted minister,

and generous as a citizen. Was George Burroughs hung unfairly?

Was it all worth it? Was it worth losing 20 people? Why?

Who is to blame?