A School to Emulate

Memorial Elementary Bobcat Bulletin 9-21-15 through 9-25-15

We Can!

At this point our instructional program should be underway. Our goal is to continue to reflect and use data to make the best educational decisions for our students. Thank you for always going over and beyond the call of duty.

Progress reports go home this week. Third, fourth, and fifth grade staff, please be sure that you have enough grades to accurately depict the progress of the students. Also, be sure to communicate with the parents of struggling students any plan to help the students improve.

Now that we have to calibrated and experienced the feedback forms, you are free to begin visiting classrooms. As always, you may use your planning time and it is always good to get creative on how you can support one another and cover classes as you schedule visits.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!


Michelle for quickly (amazingly fast!) noticing that our "Welcome" sign lacked luster and updating it with a warm welcome for Superintendent Binggeli! Marisa & Jennifer E. for spearheading the plan for Kinder MAP testing. Mia for her very thorough S.M.A.R.T. goals and explanations. Lacy for impressing her college program coordinator by seamlessly integrating S.S. and L.A. in her lesson. Shelby for making/laminating/cutting the visual cards for you staff who work with students who need a little more love. Cecilia & Carmen for preparing a room and lunch for a last minute meeting with district personnel last Friday. Denise, Jennifer T., Tera, Cindy, Tiye, & Dorys for doing a fabulous job during Intervention & Enrichment. The teacher table activities were targeted and relevant while the rest of the class were engaged in quality station activities. Michelle and Elizabeth D. for making the hard conscious effort to fill out the data collection sheets for specific students. Michelle for being an amazing collaborative partner in ensuring BIP strategies are being implemented in classroom settings. Flora, Emily, Charles, and Donna for always being flexible and assisting when needed.

What's Happening!

9/21 - 4th & 5th Grade ESL Strategies (Gilbert's & Britt's Room) 3:15 pm

9/21 - K & 1st Grade CMIT Expectations (Shah's Room) 3:15 pm

9/23 - Parent Class 8 am

9/23 - 3rd - 5th Grade Words their Way 3:15 pm

9/23 - K- 2nd Grade Guided Reading & LA/SS Integration 3:15 pm

9/24 - Progress Reports go Home

9/24 - Bobcat Visioning Meetings B-Week (1st, 2nd, & 4th)

9/24 - 5th Grade Camp Meeting 6 pm

9/25 - CMIT Meetings

Pride's Schedule

9/22 - CPI Training - Sockwell

Happy Birthday

9/22 - Myra

9/23 - Jill

9/26 - Flora

That's HILARIOUS! Send your funnies my way...

A teacher was talking to the younger brother of one of her students at dismissal, and he said something strange. The teacher said, "Oh, that's interesting..." and the older looked at the teacher exasperated and said, "He's in the 504 program."