how it started..

A fire destroyed Edward's cook palmer house, and intead of rebuilding it he and his family moved to Sioux City, Iowa to purchase a wholesale grocery operation.

and in 1872, E.C.'s eldest son, William B. Palmer, decided to go into business and opened up a wholesale fruit company with his father and brother, forming Palmer and Company.

who owns it today?

since 1983 Marty B.palmer owns it

In 1893 the owner died and his son took over, then he died in 1940


They started selling the candies wooden box from the back of the fruit house that thet first owned.

by 1900 they moved into a 4 story building and they started making fancy dipped wooden boxes.

in the roaring 20's palmers candies had a huge raise in sells, they started to become more famous around the city, the fruit company then it closed it doors and only focused in the candy company.

In 1979, the Palmer Candy Company purchased a bottling plant from the Chesterman Company which was gutted and rebuilt as a candy plant, big enough to last for the foreseeable future.

and in 2004 they added one more building to it to make production faster.

now they are well known across america.


almers purchased Sioux City's Soo Candy Company and its peanut-roasting department in 1941. This was the beginning of the Palmer peanut and nutmeat business that still exists today.


2600 Hwy 75 North
PO Box 326
Sioux City, IA 51102


Net Sales (Millions):: $171