Welcome Back!

January 13, 2014


Symphony on Monday so please send your child in their "Sunday Best"

Language Arts

This week we will continue our study on non-fiction texts and discussing the author's purpose. In writing, we will continue with our unit on poetry. We will also have a reading benchmark on Tuesday. Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a healthy breakfast so they can do their best!


This week in math we will be reviewing In and Out Boxes and starting capacity. We will have a test on Friday over those two topics. Please be on the lookout for a review sheet early next week! Also, please check your child's planner to see what number they are working on for fluency and how they are progressing throughout the week!


We have a BUSY week ahead of us!!!

  • Monday, January 13th: Brazos Valley Symphony @ TAMU please send your student in their "Sunday Best"
  • Tuesday, January 14th: Mrs. Nelson's Birthday and Reading Benchmark
  • Wednesday, January 15th: DOLLAR DRESS UP DAY for Crazy hat and hair
  • Thursday, January 16th: UIL Competition
  • Friday, January 17th: Math Test and Spelling Test

  • Monday, January 21st: School Holiday- MLK Day
  • Thursday, January 23rd: Birthday Celebration
  • Friday, January 31st: 100th day of school!!!

Thanks for all you do!!!

Mrs. Howard


Mrs. Nelson