Digital Learning Day!

Join us for

Celebrate the technology being used in our school!

Every day, teachers and students at WFS are using technology to enhance learning. Digital Learning Day celebrates those efforts. Throughout the day, examples of student technology use will be highlighted in our live Twitter feed and broadcast throughout the school.

Digital Learning Day at West Freehold School

Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 8am-2pm

West Freehold School

Ideas for celebrating Digital Learning Day:

  • Display our live Twitter feed in your classroom - the live website address will be sent out that morning.
  • If you have a school Twitter account, Tweet from your classroom about technology being used by students. Use the hashtag #ftsdigitalday so your tweet shows up in our feed. If you don't use Twitter, let us know what is going on in your class, using the link below, and we will Tweet it for you! (All Tweets for the live feed are moderated and approved by the Tech. department before going live)
  • Have students use technology in the classroom or computer lab.
  • Discuss digital learning with your students.
  • Visit the official site for digital learning day -

If you would like to work on a special project for Digital Learning Day, please feel free to contact Kim for assistance.

Please let me know of technology being used in your classroom on Digital Learning Day, or on any other day, so I can Tweet it too!

Click on the link below to update me on classroom events for this day.

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