Digital foot print

Where you go effects you

How does your computer know you?

A digital foot print is the trail or the trace a person leaves behind after searching for something on the internet. This is why after you go shopping online you then see pop ups about some things that are related to that,
Digital Footprint Animation

Your computer,phone and other devices know you better than you thought

not only computers have digital foot print capability so do phones ipads and other things like that this is why you see pop ups or adds for apps on your phone
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Negative effects of a bad digital foot print

So lets say your friend gets on your computer and you were looking at pictures and shows of really weird things like things only awkward people would look at and he sees an adds and pop upps all over the place of some weird stuff now your friend knows you are a freak possibly destroying a friendship. That is why it is important to have a good foot print