Hitler Youth

--------Political Youth Group for girls and boys--------

♥What is hitler Youth♥

Hitler Youth is a goup of young children that learn in Hitler's shadow their leader of the Nazis. In the 1930s, Hitler Youth group was created with only 50,000 members. By the end of 1933 the number was up to 2 million and soon to be 5.4 million girls and boys from 10 years old to 18.

The Hitler Youth combined sports and outdoor activities with indeology. Many of the board games and toys for the children were used to spread racial and political propaganda to German Youth.

♦During the War♦

During the war, Hitler Youth "brainwashed" german children into believing Hitler's ways. Younger kids played games, but the older kids around 14+ started training for milatary. Many of the older kids grew up to be in the milatary after Hitler Youth.

In 1939, 90% of German children were part of Hitler Youth but it was madetory. Anyone who refused or did not want to be apart of the camp was tortured or executed.


The Hitler Youth group was a big part during the war. It made german children believe Hitler was good and that people like the jews were not part of society. It eventually made the children into milatary men and a big reason why the war went on. Eventually the hitler youth group died out after hitler's death in 1945.

Alex Donnell