Ming Dynasty

Who and When was it Established?

~1368 CE

~Shaozhou, Zhu Yuanzhang

~emperor in Yingtian

How the Dynasty started

~Zhou defeated the Yuan Dynasty and then started his own. The Hongjinjun army is the army that he had to defeat.

Major Emperors

How the dynasty fell?

Despite the flourishing cultural and military state of Ming China, however, the economy slowly declined when China’s administration became more centralized at the time Emperor Wanli entered political governance during the Ming Dynasty in 1572.

Important Facts About the Dynasty

The great wall of china is beginning to be built. Also, the forbidden city is getting built.

What Important Things Came from Them?

The important things that came from them were our paper, printing, and ship rudders.

Learned and Grade

I learned on how the Yuan Dynasty ended and that he had to fight an army just to get his own Dynasty. I learned that they gave us things that we still use today and how much we truly use these supplies. I learned that during the same time of this dynasty the great wall of China was being built.

Grade: A