Jack Horton

Blue River, Colorado

Blue River's Weather

Blue River, CO Weather is what to expect. It is cold in The Winter but usually doesn't break zero degrees. But in the summer it is cool at about 70-75 degrees. Also the rain varies quite a bit. From November to March it rains about 1.1 inch a month. But from March to June it rains 1.3 inches a month. Then from June to early September it increases by about .8 inches. Then again in late September it drops back to about .5 inches through October.

Weekly Weather Watch

Wednesday has a high of 32 and a low of 21. The precipitation is 50%, and there is a humidity of 61%. Also the wind is gusting at 21 mph.

Thursday has a high of 34 and a low of 18. The precipitation landed on 80%. The humidity is at 64%, the wind has picked it up a bit to 24 mph.

Daily Weather and Climate Difference

The daily weather in Blue River is about the same as the climate. In the summer it is warm and sunny with temperatures ranging from about 75 to 85. But in the winter it is usually snowing or cloudy and the temperatures range from 0 to 30.