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About A.E. Stallings

Alicia Stallings studied classics in Athens, Georgia. She has published three books of poetry, one in 1999, 2000, and 2012. In 1999 she published Archaic Smile which won the Richard Wilbur Award. She is a member of fellowships from the Guggenhiem Foundation and the MacAuthur Foundation. Alicia lives with her husband John, who is a editor of the Athens News.

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Fishing by A.E. Stallings

The two of them stood in the middle water,

The current slipping away, quick and cold,

The sun slow at his zenith, sweating gold,

Once, in some sullen summer of father and daughter.

Maybe he regretted he had brought her—

She'd rather have been elsewhere, her look told—

Perhaps a year ago, but now too old.

Still, she remembered lessons he had taught her:

To cast towards shadows, where the sunlight fails

And fishes shelter in the undergrowth.

And when the unseen strikes, how all else pales

Beside the bright-dark struggle, the rainbow wroth,

Life and death weighed in the shining scales,

The invisible line pulled taut that links them both.

Fishing by A.E. Stallings, voice recording:

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Meaning of my poem

My poem Fishing, is about a father taking his daughter on a fishing trip. Its about the dad trying to reconnect with his daughter. Fishing was a thing they enjoyed doing together when she was younger, but now that she's older they must have grown apart and he's trying to reconnect with her by replaying a childhood memory of fishing together. Although the daughter has grown up the poem shows that no matter what she still remembers the good times and lessons that he taught her and that will stick with her though out her lifetime. My poem shows the bond of father and daughter no matter how much time has past between them.


The theme of my poem Fishing, is that no matter what there is a strong, unbreakable bond between father and daughter. No matter how much time passes between them specking or seeing each other, lessons and memories that took place when they're together will always stick with them throughout a lifetime of struggles.
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Zenith ~ the point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer.

Undergrowth ~ a dense growth of shrubs and other plants, especially under trees in woodland.

Wroth ~ angry.

Taut ~ stretched or pulled tight; not slack.

Short Video of my poem Fishing!

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