John C. Calhoun

From South To Secession: The Destructive Protector

The Calhoun

The Union hangs in the balance. No one would've ever thought that all this could happen behind one state. Better yet, it was one man, one person, and one soul named John C. Calhoun.

John C. Calhoun

Who is John C. Calhoun ?

John was a Nationalist. Therefore, he wanted to protect the rights of the state. To Calhoun the most important thing was to do what his best for the State Of South Carolina which was his home state. He believed in a Central Bank, "Internal taxes", and no abolitionists because his wealthy family had nearly 40 slaves. Considering his background as a War Hawk he had a thirst for land, so that basically means more slaves to the South and his family in South Carolina.


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