David's House

Volunteer Updates - Late January 2015

Plastic Key Card System Down Until Further Notice

The plastic "Key Card" system at David's House is currently down for repairs. We have been using a "Hard Key" system and the keys are located in the front desk drawer.

Hard keys are marked "Room" and " Front". Please let guests parking in the lower lot know that the "Front" key will also open the downstairs back door. Staff have decided that the key sign-out sheet is no longer needed, but an orange lanyard MUST be attached to the Hard Keys when they are given out at check-in.

Non-Traditional Room Requests On The Rise

Here at David's House we have had a dip in our census lately, which has allowed us the flexibility to assist families that would traditionally not be eligible to stay per our mission. While the Upper Valley Hostel is the “go-to” option for families with adult patients, we know sometimes we’re actually a much better solution.

If you receive a non-traditional room request please run it by a manager as we will absolutely attempt to accommodate on case-by-case basis depending on how much space we have available. Just like with a traditional room request, every adult wishing to use David's House needs to be run through the national Watch Dog registry before they can be allowed to stay.

Conversely, we also have an underage policy to accommodate patients under the age of 18 who are requesting to stay without an adult. Written permission from a parent is needed in these situations.

Quick Notes:

1. Vehicle Tracking Sheets: Cathy has asked that Volunteers track guest vehicles year round in case of accidents.

2. Non-cash Donation Forms: If someone makes a non-cash donation (Food, Quilts, etc.) please fill out this form and give it to Georgie. Forms are located at the front desk - often on top of the printer.

3. Guest Check-Out Process: Please be sure to ask guests if they have all of their food and belongings and if they have returned their keys and lanyard. Return the Room "In/Out" tag to the key box in the front desk and mark the room in the message center with a "Blue Dot" housekeeping tag. Don't forget to check the room out in MyHouse on the computer!

Upcoming Event -- Color Trek

Saturday, Feb. 21st, 1pm

10 Clubhouse Lane, Grantham, NH 03753

See details of this event on the flyer below.

Attention all Cooks and Bakers! David's House is responsible for supplying the treats for the after-ski gathering - the more the merrier! Items need to be labeled with EASTMAN on them and dropped off at David's House by noon on Friday, February 20th.

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