Wildcats Weekly

Week of 11/16

Math 7 & 7+

Math 7 - So proud of these kids on their equations with integers quiz! 94 class average! WOW! This week we'll be incorporating decimals and fractions into these equations and practicing writing an equation from a word problem.

Math 7+ - This week we'll be working with square and cube roots. Look for our Unit 3 Test to be given on Friday or Monday. If your student will be gone early for the Thanksgiving holiday, they'll need to take it before they leave for break.


Science class is currently working with current event news articles on air quality and atmospheric conditions. Students are working in groups to create a news broadcast for their specific article to videotape and showcase to the class. Next week we will begin classifying cloud types. Our next formal assessment will be a quiz next Friday on the water cycle, air quality, and cloud types.


On Wednesday, November 18th, students will be presenting their infographics. They are currently working on a passage of the week and a review for the next flipbook test (November 23rd). We will also be starting a TIMES Person of the Year argumentative writing assignment on Friday of next week.

Social Studies

We are continuing this week with the French Revolution. Our test will be on Friday.