Christopher's Science 6 Class

This is my Smore to show my learning in Science

An Intoduction to Christopher Hong

My name is Christopher Hong and I am a sixth grader at Pioneer Middle School. My favorite color is red, I like dogs more than cats, and I'm 11 years old. My grades are all A's so far and I really like science.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6

Over our unit to Our introduction to Science 6, we did many cool things. One of them is our mini microscope unit, it was so fun to get a really close view of so many things, One day, we look at salt through the microscope! It looked like little ice cubes! Another cool unit was when we got to look at magnified parts of things, I got to see a magnified honeybee's wing. It looked like a yellow spider's web! Finally, for my last but not least favorite mini microscope unit lab, my class got to see a magnified e! At low power, it looked like a regular e, but at medium and high power, it just looked like a blurry area of black dots.

Science 6 Classroom Safety Tools

In our Science classroom, we have many Safety Tools that I will be explaining to you in this paragraph. First of all, in the corner of our classroom, we have a eye wash and shower. This is for if you get chemicals on your body, or in your eye. If you did, you would go over to this station and either open your eyes and pull one of two levers. One of them turns on the eye washer,this tool will flush out any chemicals in your eyes. If you got chemicals on your body, the. You would pull the other lever and water will come out of the overhead shower head and wan all the chemicals off your body. Next, to the right of the eye wash and shower station a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket. The fire Blanket is a Blanket is made of a speacial matieral that when laid on, it puts out the fire, pretty cool right? Finally, the fire Extinguisher is a fire putter outer. There are simple procedures to working the Extinguisher. You simply PASS. First, you Pull the pin, Aim the hose , squeeze the trigger, and finally Sweep the fire to douse all the fire.

My Favorite Lab in Intro to Science

My favorite Lab was the time where we went around the classroom and identified qualitative and quantitative properties. One of the Lab objects was a tennis ball. Though it doesn't seem that interesting, I actually found out that the white part of the tennis ball is actually very tightly sewn stitches! The main reason why this was my favorite Lab was because it not only made us look and describe what things looked like, but also what things were worth in quantity and different measurements.