Christmas in Dominican Republic

By Brandon R

What is Christmas in Dominican Republic all about?

This holiday is celebrated

-Its celebrated on December 25th

-Marking birth of Jesus

-Its about giving presents and being with family

-decorating trees with light and ornaments

-Honor the birth of jesus

How is this holiday celebrated?

people in Dominican Republic celebrate this holiday

-They give each other gifts on January 6th.

-They wait until January 16th because three kings day its about Three kings who give out presents.

-Three kings day is known as when the Kings go to see baby Jesus in the manager.

-They place boxes of grass under their bed the camels eat all the grass and the kings leave present.

-To celebrate Jesus and be with family on the 25th

Symbols and Foods

The symbols and food are

-Roasted pig on the man dish

-Christmas trees in Dominican Republic are white

-Sugar canes

- Pigeon peas small pale yellow beans