Albert Einstein


"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new'

Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879 in Ulm, Germany he grew up in Munich, Germany and he moved the the United States in February 1933 because he started to get more and more famous and success so he decided he should move to the United States

Small Boy

When he was a small boy he had a passion for the violin and he studied it from ages six to thirteen his mother Pauline, was really good at the piano so she started to play the piano so she's the one who brought music to the Einstein family and Elbert wanted to play the violin.

Early Life

Albert Einstein went to the University of Zurich when he was young he had a business that sadly collapsed so he moved to work with his brother Jakob and when Albert Einstein was six year's old he enrolled in Petersschule on Blumenstrasse, a cathlic Elementry school

Why is he Famous?

He is famous because he found out about relativity and gravity. The awards he won were Nobel prize in physics in 1921 and also Gold medal of the royal astronomical soceity copley medal in 1925 and the Max Planek in 1929 and Franklin Medal in 1935 and the last medal he won is Matteucci Medal and the greatest accoplishment was he asserted of mass and energy which would lead us to E=Mc2.


Albert Einstein sadly died on April 18,1955 in Princeton, New Jersey and the age he died was 76 years old but I will always remember him.
The story of Albert Einstein's brain and what made it so special?

Her is Albert Einstein and his brain what made him so smart

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