A ClockWork Orange

By: Anthony Burgess

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Main Characters



A vicious 15 year old leader of a gang of criminals who occasionally goes to school by day and then rapes and pillage by night. He finds that violence and music provide him with similar kinds of aesthetic pleasure. This person reminds me of Hyde because they both commit violence only for pleasure towards their ideals


(The State / Minister of the Interior)

Alex's parts in the book two and three are against the state and its solution to eliminate violent youth. Deep into the book the Minster of the interior stands for the state or its Governmental authority, he may be viewed as an antagonistic force.

Protagonist problem

Alex is going through a collage of changes from joining a gang and has altered his mind that violence is just for leisure for him. He's even cynical has no retribution at all. beside from and a terrible government that has changed the way of civilized living

Protagonist's Memorable Moment

Alex has made up his decision of what he wants to do about the State when he quotes "We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot unwrite it." This also indicates that he will have no regrets.

Antagonist's Problem

That they/he is a repressive totalitarian influence of the social social government, or the government.

Antagonist's Important Action

The Minister makes a policy modification where he gives street thugs badges so that the criminals can authoritatively impose social order.

Thoughts and sayings about the protagonist & antagonist

Dr. Brodsky - Thinks of Alex as "a true Christian" & laughs at Alex's suffering.

Dim - Use to be a look up to Alex and use to be a loyal member of his gang until he became a cop.

Pete - Wants to have to have the same lifestyle as Alex

Pee & Em - Parents of Alex that tolerates his unexplained comings and goings becuase they are timid and afraid of their son.

Main Characters on other Characters

Alex has a liking for most of his gang members but some he must watch closely because some betray and join the law enforcement.

My impressions of the Protagonist Character

I like how he is rebellious towards his government because they are enforcing a set rules that implies to everyone which most have to agree. He stands as an idol to the other gang members.

I don't like how he enjoys murder and pain as leisure, I feel that I use to be the same a I was going through a phase.

My impressions of the Antagonist Character

I like how the state is trying to create a civilized government and trying to persuade gang members to side with them but has no strong influence to most of the members from gangs. I don't like how en forceful they are which using violence.

Characterization: In the End

Alex is a dynamic character because he has gone through a change of being a innocent person who was loyal to hi parents until he joined a gang which influenced him to do wrong through violence.

I feel the state is too cruel because it forces a totalitarian system on the community which has people leaving them with sadness and guilt for all the crimes they have committed because they are punishing them.


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