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Suzanne Collins and her stories

Suzanne Collins is a world renowned author for the Hunger Games trilogy, this series is famous for everyone around the world, the book is now being adapted to the big screens and made millions for The Hunger Games trilogy.

Behind the books of hunger games, I'm here to tell you the facts .Suzanne Collins inspiration was a story that was read to her as a child known as Theseus and the Minotaur, she also got the idea from t.v. shows and commercials. The point is her inspiration came from everyday life and stories.

The books started all with a series consisting of 3 books. The hunger games series is about a futuristic society that every year 24 kids go into an arena where every year its a new environment and fight to the death and in the end there can only be one winner(victor).The book can appeal to all ages because it has something for everyone.That includes a love triangle, while having a war.

The movies on the other hand are a multi million dollar success, and are famous around the globe.The movie has been a success as long since the day it was released and with its last movie still to come, people are still in anticipation with all the movies being in top box office.

The behind the cover look showed you that anything is possible, you just have to have an open mind about anything, and everything.

Anderson-Shiro Natatorium

Anderson Shiro should put in a natatorium facility because it improves the students physical health, mental health, and it would give opportunities for students to compete. With this facility would come many benefits not only to the students physical ability it can potentially help their academic strength.

A natatorium will improve student physical health. It is shown that swimming can help build muscles that normal exercises don’t. It is also proven that if you are injured swimming can help. Swimming can stretch many sore muscles to make them heal. The more you swim the better your lung muscles are. When you exercise in the pool you start to build lung muscles that are beneficial in many other sports.

Being able to swim can help students mental health. The repetitional feeling of lap swimming is proven to help destress. Your body releases hormones when you swim that help you to relax and destress. It also helps your mental discipline. When you swim as an athletic sport you have to have discipline. When you swim you build a form of discipline that can only come from the dedication you have when you swim. It also helps your confidence. As you progress as a swimming you become more confident.

Building a natatorium will give our athletes another opportunity to shine. when you swim it is a team sport to an extent. You practice and push each other as a team. Though after this you compete as an individual. You can truly come into your own when you swim. It is easy to track individual improvement which is extremely rewarding to the athlete

Investing in a natatorium will have many benefits to the student body at Anderson Shiro. It will help by giving them a chance to compete, grow as a team, build mental and physical strength and improve their overall confidence. This is a very much needed investment.
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Benifits of Swimming

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How to Study Better

You might think studying is hard and shouldn’t be done ,but you really need it and it is good help for a test or exam. The three main ways to be a better studier are; to be in the appropriate area, take your notes and manage your time.

First your area needs to be appropriate, you don’t want to study in your bed because you are most likely to fall asleep. Second you need to still make sure you are comfortable and in a quiet place, you don’t want it to be loud and you can’t concentrate and you end up giving up or straying away from what your suppose to be doing.

Next you can’t study if you don’t have notes. If you do you need to make them where you can read them or a way where you understand. Make a doodle that helps you remember, put little messages that will help, anything that way you will succeed your goal.

Lastly, you will need to manage your time appropriately. First, make sure you need to study in the head of time don’t wait until the last minute to try and study for a test. Then break your notes down don’t study all at once it won’t help maybe study math first then 20 minutes later you could study science and so on and so forth.

Follow these step to be a better studier and remember to have fun and use an area that’s appropriate for your studying needs, take notes, and manage time and you will be a wise Owl!

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