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Wednesday 7 December

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Matakite - Foresight

Ka whāia te wāhie mo takurua ka mahia te kai mō te tau

If you look for firewood in the winter, you will have plenty of food all year round

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Macleans Primary School Community

Hi Everyone

Here are we, the final newsletter of 2022 which mean a few more days of school for the year. What a year it has been at Macleans Primary indeed! A year of learning and of values. For both of us - teachers and parents - we have been witness to the children to a year of growth in all areas: academically, physically, socially and more! The academic and social growth and maturity you have seen in your child, whether be a year 1 or a year 6, has been because they have worked hard, supported so well by the class teacher and you the parent. This is our Home-School partnership that we are so proud of and will continue to develop so the we are true to our vision of TOGETHER THE BEST WE CAN BE - MAHI TAHI.

The Mahi Tahi will continue for most of you in 2023. To the parents of Year 6 children who are moving on to Intermediate School, we say a huge FAREWELL and thank you for your association with Macleans Primary. If there are younger siblings we look forward to a continued partnership with you. To the parents of Y1 to Y5 children we look forward to continuing our home-school partnership with you next year.

To our Y6 graduating class 2023...'Go well. I know Macleans Primary has prepared you well for Year 7 and beyond, both academically and socially. Please come back and visit us as we love to hear all about your achievements.

For us here at Macleans Primary, we are always thinking strategically. The Whakatauki Kete above refers to the future, and although 2022 is ending, we have great plans for Macleans Primary for 2023, both currciula and exrtra-curricula, some of which are outlined and discussed in this newsletter.

There will still be a notice or two sent out before next Thursday, 15 December, but in the meantime we wish everyone a fantastic Christmas Time and Summer break and look forward to seeing all of the children again on Wednesday 1 February.

Regards & Nga Mihi

Matthew Cooke

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Next Newsletter and Notices:

•Wednesday 8 February 2023

•MPS Notices and update at anytime

Dates For Your Diary

Monday 5 December to Friday 8 December - End of Year Prize Givings - details below

Thursday 8 December - Whole School Disco (PTA) . Y1-Y3 is from 6pm to 7pm and Y4-Y6 is from 7.30 - 8.30pm.

Monday 12 December - Year 6 Graduation Party - 5.30pm in the hall.

Monday 12 December - BoT Meeting - 6pm

Monday 12 December to Thursday 15 December - End of Year Class Activities

Thursday 15 December- Last Day of the Year. School closes at 12 noon .


27 January - email from your child's new class teacher for 2023 informing them of the new class and welcoming them to their new class for the year

1 February - First school day of 2023

9 February - Meet the Teacher and picnic on the field

13 February - school closes at 12 noon for a Kahui Ako/CoL Teacher PLD

Lost and Found

There are a number of jerseys, hats, water bottles and shoes in the lost and found. If your child has lost something, please have a look through. We do return item if they are named, but the majority of items in the lost and found are unnamed.

Y6 Uniform Donations Gratefully Accepted

We will gladly your take your Y6 child's uniform off their hands if you no longer require it. Uniform can be dropped off up to 12 noon on Thursday 15 December. Please note that Thursday 15 December is a whole school Cazh day for all, so uniform won't be needed on that morning.

Parent information Sessions 2023

In case you missed the parent sessions last week, the 2023 Information & Overview presentation an be downloaded below. The information is an overview for next year. At the Meet The Teacher On 9 February next year you will have a chance to meet your child's new teacher and get a more specific overview for your child's class within the class they are in. A reminder that your child's teacher for 2023 will email you on Friday 27 January so your child knows the teacher they have and what room number they are in for day 1 2023 - Wednesday 1 February.

Thank You next Bike!

All of the Y5/Y6 children say a huge THANKS! to next bike for teaching free bike skills and even helping some of us to learn to ride a bike! Hopefully you can come back again in 2023!

End of year 2022 - beginning of year 2023 Letter sent home yesterday in paper copy to 'eldest and only' child at MPS. Download and read below in case you missed it

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Farewell Soon to Caretaker David Harper..MPS is looking for a new caretaker

Our much loved caretaker David Harper is hanging up his safety vest, parking the lawnmower, closing his toolbox and putting away his paintbrush at the end of term 1 next year. You will be missed by all of us, David! We are beginning the search for a new caretaker, so if you know someone who enjoys a social working environment, is handy and is looking for a Monday to Friday job, then please ask them to contact me here at Macleans Primary on

We Raised $596.40 to buy christmas presents for those families and children most in need! Mrs Deutschmann and the student leaders will be out shopping soon and buying all of the gifts. What a wonderful Macleans effort everyone!

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Farewell and Thanks for All you have done for Macleans primary

The end of the year means a few people moving on from Macleans Primary. We are saying farewell to Teacher Aides Amber Chan and Sue Mckay; part-time teachers Justine McManus, Cathie Twisleton and Sarah Herewini. Sarh Herewini is having her third child and Cathie Twisleton has been at Macleans Primary for a number of years in a few different roles, including classroom teacher and tutor teacher positions. All the best everyone and thanks for all you have done for Macleans Primary students and community.

Welcome Two New Staff Members for 2023

Welcome to Mrs Louise Love and Mrs Adelle Hunkin. Both Louise and Adelle are local to the area and their respective chidren attend and have attended local primary and college's. Louise will be teaching Year 1 students in Room 1 and Adelle will be teaching the Y4/Y5 class in R19. Thanks for joining the Macleans Primary School team and we look forward to getting to you know!

Music Holiday Programme Opportunity

Jazz School/Christmas Big Band Workshop

This will be an exciting two day school holiday workshop where year 6, 7 and 8 students will learn to play in a Jazz Big Band and then perform a concert for family and friends on the final afternoon. The Big Band is for Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Clarinet players plus Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. The music we play will range from jazz versions of Christmas favourites to modern pop classics with an emphasis on having fun while producing music at a high standard. This workshop will be run by Drew Hutchinson. Students must be playing at grade 2 level or higher, or have had two years of lessons. The workshop is on December the 15th and 16th from 9am - 3pm at King’s School, 258 Remuera Road, Remuera. To register for the workshop please visit or email for more information.

Jazz School/Christmas Big Band workshop

This will be an exciting two day school holiday workshop where year 6, 7 and 8 students will learn to play in a Jazz Big Band and then perform a concert for family and friends on the final afternoon. The Big Band is for Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Clarinet players plus Electric Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums. The music we play will range from jazz versions of Christmas favourites to modern pop classics with an emphasis on having fun while producing music at a high standard. December the 15th and 16th. Please visit or email for more information.

Classroom/Teacher Organisation for 2023

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Staff Organisation 2023: Senior & Middle Leadership Teams, Special Programmes, Support Staff, Teacher Aides

Senior Leadership Team

Principal - Matthew Cooke

Deputy Principal Y4-Y6 (2ic) - Hazel Deutschmann

Deputy Principal Y0-Y3 - Angelique Wendzich

Middle Leadership Team

Lead Teacher Y0-Y3 - Ambie Govender

Lead teacher Y4-Y6 - Melanie Harper

Curriculum Leader Y4-Y6 - Mina Ramjee (R19 Teacher)

Curriculum Leader Y0 - Y3 - Shirley Leong (R8 Teacher)

Special Programmes

ESOL Lead - Sarah Aye

Literacy Support - Robyn Young

Support Staff

Office and Admin. Team: Sally Jarvis & Sharon Waller

Librarian & ICT - Donna King

Resource Manager - Michelle Carter

Property Mgr./Caretaker - David Harper (Until End of Term 1)

Staffrom & Jr. Resource Support - Carol Norris

Teacher Aides

Amber Cambie

Colleen Beuth

Caroline Van Heerden

Deanna Van Heerden (ESOL)

Kim Ward

Davinia Massold

Fion Yin (ESOL)

Steph Collard

Inter-School Athletics

On Thursday 1 December 43 students travelled to Lloyd Elsmore Park to compete in the local schools athletics competition. Thanks to the parents who helped drive and supervise during the day. Putting aside the Macleans values and sportsmanship that was on display, we had some good results:

Leeroy Simango (9Yr) - 1st place Long Jump, 2nd place in 100m & 70m

Jah-Sean Albrett (11Yr) -1st place 100m & 70m

Llily Hawkins (9Yr) - 3rd place long jump

Tyler Just (10Yr) - 3rd place high jump

Kelly Michael (9Yr) - 3rd place 100m & 3rd place shot-put

Rokaya Treen (11Yr) - 3rd place 70m

Well done athletes. We look forward to seeing you in the Olympics soon! :))))

Cazh Days Coming: Winning house announced on Monday 12 December and School-Wide Cazh on the last day - Thursday 15 December.

Well done to the winning house...announced on Monday 12 December. Your Cazh day is on Wednesday 14 December. Whole school Cazh Day on Thursday 15 December.

Organisation of Final Week of 2022

Monday 12 December

•Y1 and Y2 Fun Day - Cazh for Y1 and Y2

•Y6 Grad. Party in the hall - 5.30 - 7 pm (children only, no siblings)

•Full School Uniform for Y3 to Y6

Tuesday 13 December

•Y3 and Y4 Fun Day - Cazh for Y3 and Y4

•Full School Uniform for Y1 & Y2 and Y5 and Y6

Wednesday 14 December

•Cazh Day ONLY for winning house for term 4 (announced on Monday 12 December)

•Y5 and Y6 Fun Day - Cazh for Y5 and Y6

•Full School Uniform for Y1 & Y2 and Y3 & Y4 (except for students in the wining house cazh day)

Thursday 15 December- School Closes at 12 noon.

•all students gather for final farewell for the year on the paved areas at 11.30 (weather permitting)

•Cazh Day for whole school

Disco Tomrrow Night - Thursday 8 December. Door Sales Available!

Get your tickets at the door - cash only!

Session 1: Years 1–3 from 6–7pm

Session 2 Years 4–6 from 7.30–8.30pm

Swimming Pool Open on Friday 9 December for an for Afterschool Swim

The pool will be open rain or shine for a swim for the final time of 2022 on 9 December. Children MUST be supervised by their own parent. Ice-blocks will be for sale. There will be a main supervisor from the school and possibly PTA. We do not know how popular this will be so we will manage numbers accordingly at the pool. ie. we may have to do 15 minute interval swims.

Dunk Mr Cooke in the Dunk Tank at the Howick Christmas parade on 11 December

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Prizegiving Is Happening This Week: Y3/4 & Y5/Y6 on Thursday 8 December

After a very successful fun, happy and celebratory Junior Prize-giving yesterday, we have the Y3/4 and the Y5/6 to come TOMORROW.

Rakino and Rangitoto Teams Year 3 & 4 Prizegiving: Thursday 8 December from 9.30 - 11am

Kawau Team Year 5 & 6 Prizegiving: Thursday 8 December from 11.30 - 1pm

Please note that your child's teacher will have contacted you if your child is receiving a prize at the prizegiving.

Year 6 Graduation Party in the Hall on Monday 12 December

This will be for Y6 children only. Children can be dropped off at 5.30 and picked-up at 7pm. There is no cost for this event.

Foodbank Donations Have Been Massive

What Macleans Values could we use to describe how the children got behind the foodbank 'tins for tokens' drive? I think the answer would be all of them! Well done children and families. The foodbank (s) that receive the food will be so appreciative as they will be able to help many families!

Timeline for End of Year Reports and Macleans Learning Pathways

Your child's End of Year Report will be sent home in hard copy addressed in an envelope to you on Monday 12 December. If you have anything you would like to discuss about your child's report please ensure you get in contact with your child's teacher on 13 and 14 December. The Macleans Learning Pathways will; be sent home via the SEESAW app. on Thursday 8 December between 3 and 5 pm.

As we move towards the end of the year you are reminded to please get in contact with your child''s teacher should you wish t to discuss anything to do with the Macleans Learning Pathway and/or End of Year Report Summary.

MPS annual Family Cricket back after a two year break: Sunday 11 December 1-3pm

Keen on playing a fun, friendly cricket game? Mums and dads, boys and girls come along to the MPS cricket pitch on Sunday 11 December from 1-3pm. Bring a picnic and your number one cricket game. Any age, skill level and ability welcome :)))

Hunger Hut Open for the final time this year on Friday this week

How about an end of the YEAR treat for the kids? A $2 donut treat, or perhaps popcorn or a small stationery items, or even some stickers? Ice blocks available at lunch and after-school as well every Friday for the rest of Term 4. The Hunger Hut promotes an authentic shop experience for the kids, which includes the maths curriculum, as they use coins/cash only for their purchases.


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