January News

Insight School of Indiana, Grades 7-12


Welcome to our new and returning ISIN families! We are excited that you have chosen Insight School of Indiana! Your commitment to your student's educational journey is evident as a family and learning coach. There are many supports available to support adults along the journey, such as Learning Coach University. Please reach out to any of us with questions, concerns, highlights, or just to chat. Attendance in live class connects are key to student success. Sometimes we are at the mercy of technology as many of you experienced last Wednesday during first period. We apologize for the inconvenience and immediately made the necessary contacts to get it worked out quickly. Teachers have adjusted lessons accordingly to make sure your students don't miss a thing. Please let us know how we can support you and check out our Facebook page when you can. There are many exciting things happening with our students around the state! https://www.facebook.com/InsightIndiana


ISIN Principal Amy Torres

Head of Schools Hangout

The Power of Yet

What does it mean to educate the "whole child"? This has been the essential question of our staff’s Multi Tiered System of Support (MTSS) professional development work for the past month. Our team has been completing professional development to help us understand that educating the whole child is not just teaching them the Indiana standards or national standards associated with our core curriculum, but teaching and supporting both behavioral and emotional needs. To learn more about MTSS, please click on the following link.

In January, our team will begin constructing a school wide Intervention Matrix for literacy, math, and behavioral/emotional support. Think of this as a menu of interventions that our teachers can refer to based upon the individual learning needs of our students. This work has led to our staff developing a growth mindset. Please take some time to view The Power of Yet video. Take the MTSS Challenge! Please send me an email at jasilver@k12.com to let me know that you are receiving our newsletters and your reaction to The Power of Yet video.

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Upcoming Events

  • Virtual Art Club, Mondays @ 12pm EST in Blackboard Class Connect
  • Learning About Careers in Technology, February 3 @12pm, Blackboard Class Connect
  • Visit Lake Tahoe, February 10 @ 2pm, Blackboard Class Connect
  • ISTEP testing, February 24-28
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Update Attendance Daily

    • Class Connects— attendance updated within system while student attends a CC with a teacher. Students are required to attend daily live instruction.
    • In addition: • Learning Coach — enter attendance for student learning activities outside of CC. These are not automatically counted toward attendance so the learning coach must enter them: Recordings K12 course work in the OLS or D2L Office Hours attended for extra support Other school related activities Fitness activities for PE.
    • Monday attendance must equal 6 hours as well.
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A note from your advisors regarding attendance

Remember grades 6-12 are required to have 6 hours of attendance each day and K-5 are required to have 5 hours each day. This includes Monday's. Attendance includes online and offline time. If you do not have any required class connects you still need to make sure you have the required hours for the day. You would need to make up those hours with Mindplay, Ascend, watching recordings, working on lessons, etc. All of that would be offline time that the LC needs to manually log for attendance. Remember when the LC is logging attendance this time should only be for the work being done offline. The system is calculating all the online time. If you have any questions about attendance please reach out to your advisor.
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