Brock Bulletin

December 2015

A Word from Rhonda

As we come to the close of 2015, there is much to reflect upon as well as to celebrate! I hope you all enjoy your well deserved upcoming winter break and are able to celebrate with your friends and family.

This issue of Brock Bulletin is dedicated to a few Intervention Services celebrations!

Special Educators Named as Campus Teachers of the Year!

Learners with Visual Impairments Participate in Goal Ball at CMS North!

According to Amanda Ziaer, Principal at CMS North, Special Educator, Keith Wright has gone above and beyond the call of duty this year with the learners served in the VI program on their campus. The VI program is completely new to North and to Keith. He was excited to take on this new challenge and make a difference in the lives of the kids at North. Principal Ziaer states she is continually amazed by the activities he plans for his kids. He has brought in specialists to train the kids, he developed a buddy program to assist them during emergencies, he has created real world scenarios and practices at restaurants and malls. Most recently, they visited Vista Ridge Mall where the group worked together to complete a scavenger hunt through the mall as part of their Expanded Core Curriculum work with Stacey Chambers, Teacher of the Visually Impaired for the district. This week, Keith and Stacey brought in two Goal Ball specialists from Region 10 to teach the learners the game. Keith created the time and space for the learners with visual impairments to be able to have a sport to play during club day. Ms. Ziaer and the Brock staff are proud of Keith Wright and Stacey Chambers and the positive impact each is having on kids lives daily!

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504 Consortium Hosted by CISD Featured in LRP Article!

LRP Publications recently interviewed Director of Intervention Services, Debbie Gauntt regarding the multi-district 504 Consortium that meets here in Coppell ISD. The consortium was formed three years ago as a "think tank" of shared ideas between districts about 504. The Consortium has grown from the original 5 district leaders to an average of 30-45 members from districts around north Texas. The LRP article will be published nationwide in January. Way to go Debbie!!
This Just Jim Walsh

Click the button above to access "This Just In", a newsletter provided by Walsh Gallegos that shares developments in special education law.

CISD Foundation Grant Winners!

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Occupational Therapist, Cheri Hazelwood and Active Learning Teacher, Wendy Pray wrote a grant to obtain a doorway suspension system with swings. They will now be able to provide linear movement activities for the Active Learning Class learners to improve their state of alertness for engaging in classroom tasks.
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