The mouse and the cheese

austin yarbrough

the mouse and the cheese

one day the mouse was out on a beautiful walk and on the house down the street he smelt the most delicious cheese he had ever smelt. well he had to go investigate the house. and he went into the house and he saw the cheese and he snuck around the counter and he was right in front of the cheese and then came the old lady she picked up the shoe and tried to smack the dirty rat down. later that day the mouse ran out of the house and made a plan on how to get the cheese. so the next day the little rat went through the back door snuck into the kitchen and the old mean lady was standing there right next to the cheese, the rat was really angry. about an hour later the rat snuck around the counter. and there he was again right in front of the cheese. the lady walks in " hey little fella what are you doing here" the rat said " am just trying to get the cheese you left out on the counter". the old lady said well I'm so sorry for all of that back there. here you go have the cheese, take it and eat it. "ok thank you". the mouse then walked out of the house without no harm done. the mouse carried out his day with a full stomach.