Let's make the best of time and bond...outdoors!!

The Special Bonfire to Bond our friendships

Let's go to a field, Let's go to a trip to the park, Let's go to a garden, Let's go somewhere where we can get nature's best advice! When break hits and we all have the time to think more freely breathing air in the open. what if we all wore green shirts or blue with sweats or something comfortable? matching? looking like gardeners? what's your nature's inspired look?


Tuesday, March 10th, 6pm

we'll discuss the location

If we do decide to go with this plan then we will discuss more probably the next meeting.. This is just an Idea I had.. can be, or be thursday too
4:00 head over to destination

4:30 discuss looking for nature, something that inspired you treasure hunt?

5:00 fun things or cool things to do with discoveries.. create something with what was found..

5:30 Bonfire time. start a discussion about first event while snacking on smores or something.

6:00 dismissal?

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Daisia Mfuentes as planner, and maker of flyer what do you guys think?