Fender Homework Update

"25 a day"

Accessibility issues?

So far many of your children have been using the school homework websites, Education City and Bug Club, frequently and effectively to reach their target of 25 minutes of homework a day. However, from a recent study of the homework log on patterns it has become clear that many children are missing out on their opportunity to extend their learning in a virtual and fun environment. Consequently, opportunities have been made for Year 5 and 6 to come to school from 8:30am to use widescreen computers. Furthermore, Year 4 have been given access to the computers during their lunchtimes. Just before the end of the Autumn term a homework club will be set up allowing year 3 to begin increase their Homework access. Hopefully, by increasing the access to the internet and computers while in school the majority of key stage 2 children will be reaching their "25 a day" !www.bugclub.co.ukwww.educationcity.com

How can I help my child reach their "25 a day" ?

A few ideas...

There are so many ways you help child reach their "25 a day" and heighten their learning.

  • If your child is coming in early (Year5/6) make sure reach school by 8:30.
  • If your child uses part of their lunchtime to complete their homework (Year 4) ask about the activities they completed and the scores they reached.
  • If you have access to a computer and printer then a wonderful way to praise your child is to print an achievement certificate available at the end of the homework task.
  • If the internet is available at home then please encourage your child to complete their tasks before using other computer consoles (X BOX!)
  • After every task a score is given and an overall %. If your child does need some support feel free to give that support and advice.
  • Remember the Homework websites can be reached on ANY computer device as long as it has FLASH installed. (Laptops, PCs, Android tablets, Android phones)
  • (Some apple devices, I phone or I pad, do not have flash installed)