Leaders of South and Middle America

L'Ouverture Toussaint

  • He helped lead the slave revolt against Spain.
  • Allied with France to try to emancipate slaves.
  • Drafted a constitution reiterating the abolition of slavery.
  • Every year the United Nations sponsors The International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. The date chosen for this annual day of remembrance is August 23rd, the anniversary of the rising of slaves in Dominican Republic in 1791 that Toussaint led.

Simon Bolivar

  • In 1813, he was given military command in Tunja, Colombia where he began a successful military campaign where he attempted to liberate Venezuela from Spain.
  • He tried to liberate Peru from the Spanish, beat the Spanish in 1824.
  • Bolivar was strongly anti-slavery.
  • Bolívar became the president of Gran Colombia and dictator of Peru and so they named Bolivia after him.