The C.C.C.

Established march ,19, 1933 (Civilian,Conservation,Corps,)

Who was this program intended to help? What was the program intended to do?

This program was for young unemployed family men. This program was a public work relief effort to help give men work which they desperately needed following the great depression.

Relief , recovery , or Reform? How successful was the program?

This program was meant as a collective relief effort, because it helped give work to men who needed it badly and this helped the economy greatly. I personally believe in this program greatly because the these men with their newly found jobs which they where thankful to have even planted thousands of trees to help the aftermath of the Dust bowl for the better.

CCC Video

The video talks and shows about all the men, joining the corporation , doing work in the forest, to be employed , for a better life. Alot of these men were joining the "tree army" cause all they had to do was plant tree's and help the forest.
FDR's Tree Army: The Civilian Conservation Corps