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monthly Onesies


Relying on your memory to conjure up all the precious moments of your baby's growth can become a disappointment. Therefore, you might find it helpful to use the simple onesie baby stickers which have become available in the market. There are onesie stickers to meet with most needs that you might be faced with. The stickers have made capturing and storing those special "once in a lifetime" moments easy. You will love going through the album when you do not have to struggle to remember how old the baby was in a particular photo.

The most common and popular baby stickers are the monthly stickers which help parents in keeping a simple record of the baby developments in terms of growth month by month. They have the month numbers printed large on the sticker. The only thing needed to be done is to stick it onto a baby‘s onesie or t-shirt before the photo is taken. There are also the yearly stickers which will identify the baby's birthdays each single year for hassle free recording and sharing.

Apart from the monthly and yearly stickers, there is the famous milestones category which will ensure that you do not end up forgetting the milestones the baby achieves and the exact time within which it was achieved. You can now keep track of the first smile or the first step among other numerous milestones for the baby. You can actually have custom stickers prepared and made for you in order to capture those moments you find interesting and would like to record. The sky's the limit when using your imagination and creativity.

The baby onesie stickers can also revolve around the baby’s gender and you will be able to find them categorized into boy or girl stickers as well as unisex ones. This means that even those who are looking for the stickers as a present for loved ones can find the stickers that are most suitable long before even knowing the baby’s gender, thanks to the categorization.

The baby onesie stickers are becoming quite popular as they have eliminated the stress of trying to capture a photo of the baby sitting by a printed banner or forgetting the baby's age when said photo was snapped. And, the finished product is worthy of becoming a priceless, cherished keepsake for parents and children alike to enjoy for their lifetimes.

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