Acapulco, Mexico!

The city of relaxing paradise!

Dorian C. Perez Period 7

Acapulco's Amazing Arrozes & Other Delights...

Ready to be amazed by the food in Acapulco? (You better)

Mexican food and restaurants are mostly all around the world. Some food that mexicans eat in their everyday lives are: Frijoles, rice, guacamoles, tortillas, tacos, & chili. Sunday Comida is when you invite people to eat at your house every Sunday. Mexico's most important ingredient for every food since the Aztecs lived here was (of course love but also) corn.

So know you know about the scrumpchis & juicy food in Acapulco.

Awesome Arts in Acapulco!

What about the people, history, & arts in Mexico?

90% of the mexicans are roman catholic (It's just they don't speak roman, o.k.?) Really, the only holiday we celebrate that's mexican is 5 de Mayo. It just celebrates of the victory in Puebla from France. (Don't get too crazy.) Carnaval is a time to relax, you know, PARTY! Have a good time & do AWESOME Parades!!!

If you ever get curious about mexican events, please read this section again. (But slowly!)

Tourism, Activities, Entertainment, we totally have it all!

You better read this because then you're gonna say that Acapulco is VERY boring!
Hotels are too expensive, so why stay there & come at somebody's house, (maybe for free), but they're friendly & offer you drinks, also they welcome you to their home. (Please don't be mean!) Want to get wet all over your bod (body), well your wish is granted because Acapulco definetly has a beach close to it! (Yay! Don't forget the sunscreen!) Soccer & Bullfighting are so popular in Acapulco, so you can see soccer & bullfighting anytime you want in Acapulco. (Don't ever think of getting in bullfighting...) Like to be serenated at night to hear the awesome mariachi music, well hear they'll do it every night! (In resteraunts or houses) So STAY AWAKE!!!

Everything in this section has everything that you want to do in Acapulco. Don't be whiny of not having fun in Acapulco!

Luscious Languages is what we speak!

Right now you might be thinking, what is there language in Acapulco, the answer is in this section. So DON'T BE LAZY!!!

Of course the official language of Mexico is Spanish. (Obviously). Mostly all mexicans learn English in Middle School. (Weird, not really). Just FYI, English is really rare in Mexico. (OMG! Nobody speaks English!) Did you know that there are many indigenous languages already spoken. (Believe me, there is so many languages.)

So you know that people in Acapulco don't really speak Ingles. (If they do & look American & were born in Mexico, then there called "Gringos".)

Climate, Weather, what's going on?!

Are you gonna get wet or are you gonna get dry? Find out in this section.

It is really, really, really dry in the north, so don't worry in Acapulco. (Whew, that was close!) Commonly, the summer days are hot during the day & the nights are cold. (Brrr!) Believe it or not, it rains a lot in summer. (Totally Weird!)

Now, every time you go to Acapulco, you'll know how the day will be.

Have a good time in Acapulco! :-)