It's a Poetry Palooza!

Celebrating Poetry Month at Eubank

April is Poetry Month!

Eubank students and staff are invited to celebrate poetry and poets this month. We will begin our celebration the week that we return from Spring Break (April 21st-25th). For one week students are invited to share a favorite poem with the Eubank community.

Participation is simple.

Monday- April 21st Find Your Poem! Copy it, write it, sing it, save it, learn it! Practice it with any and all! Roses are red, violets are blue..... poems are not allowed, and only preschoolers/kindergarteners have the option of reading/reciting a nursery rhyme.

Tuesday - Friday April 22nd-25th Students can either carry a copy of a favorite poem with them throughout the week (a poem in your pocket), or memorize and learn a poem (poem in your heart). Students can earn tickets for prizes (book marks, temporary tattoos, reading bracelets etc) by sharing their poem with a staff member. A poem that is read off of a piece of paper or read from a book is worth 1 ticket. A poem that is recited from memory is worth 2 tickets.

Staff participation if CRITICAL! Each staff member will receive a strip of tickets. Students MAY NOT solicit staff for tickets in exchange for a poem. Staff- YOU must be the ones to ask students if they have a poem in their pocket/heart. Students can then share if they have a poem. Please be generous and talk to LOTS and LOTS of kids in EVERY class, EVERY grade, and EVERYWHERE! Please give out lots of tickets! If you run out of tickets you can come by the library for more.

Poetry Resources for YOU and YOUR STUDENTS!

Feel free to explore the links below for some fantastic resources you and your students will enjoy!